Are You Still Just Thinking About Homeschooling?

Are you googling homeschooling today?  Have you been thinking about homeschooling for a while?  Are you unsure if this is right for your child, your family, and you?  Are you scared?  Worried?  Full of questions about how on earth this would work in your life?


are you still just thinking about homeschooling

Well, first let me say you’re not alone!  We homeschool moms (and dads!) have all been through those similar emotions and lists of questions as we pondered whether this path was the right one for our children and our families.  Some days, I still feel like I’m on the ‘just thinking’ train and have to re-convince myself to homeschool!

This will be our first ‘official’ year homeschooling in our home.  My son will be starting Kindergarten this fall.  I went through so many emotions and doubts leading up to our decisions.  I started officially homeschooling a year ago for Pre-K, and haven’t looked back!  Here are 5 steps that helped me get off the ‘just thinking’ train and onto the ‘We’re doing this’ one:

Shop for and BUY Curriculum

I think one of the most daunting things for me was wondering if I could give my child all he or she needed academically.  Would I miss something?  What if I taught something the wrong way?  I was a teacher in public school for nearly 5 years and I have a Master’s degree in Education!  I NEVER thought I’d doubt my ability.  However, when it came to homeschooling, I had no direction.  The homeschooling curriculum available now is awesome.  Daily plans, state benchmarks, Bible memorization.  After I ordered my curriculum, I already felt I had taken a step in the right direction.  You may feel no need to go out and buy the fanciest books around, but for me, this helped me find a starting point.

Talk With Your Spouse

My spouse was the one that pushed ME into homeschooling, so you’d think that there wouldn’t be much of a conversation to have.  However, I had some reservations that we needed to discuss.  I knew that with several children under the age of 5, I would need a break to keep my sanity.  How would we arrange that?  Can we afford to buy the Cadillac of curriculum?  Or do I need to get creative and garage sale it?  I also wanted this to be a family affair.  What subjects would my husband teach?  When?  What happens when chores or dinner take a back seat to school?  These are just some of the questions and conversations we had and will continue to have over the years.  If you are a single parent or even a grandparent, you may have your own list of questions or concerns.  Write them down, address them with family.

Take it For a Test Drive

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that researching, shopping, talking, and THINKING can only get you so far.  You can really wear yourself out by over-analyzing whether or not you should homeschool.  I know I did. However, one day, I just opened the books and I started. Just. Do. It. You’d be amazed that you CAN do this.  You’ll also be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy it.  I know I was.  When I stopped thinking, and starting doing, my perspective and confidence level totally changed.

Find a Co-Op

If you are worried about the dreaded ‘socialization’, the best advice I can give is to find a homeschooling Co-Op before you start homeschooling.  A group of like minded or even not like minded parents who also homeschool their children.  Take field trips with them.  Email.  Talk on the phone.  Schedule play dates or study groups.  Have a school day together where you integrate what everyone is learning.  Doing this helped me feel less isolated, and again more confidant in our decision to keep our children home.  There is more than likely a group of some sort in your area.  However, if not, jump online and find an online support group so that you can see how other people schedule their days, handle errands, and what curriculum they are buying (or NOT buying!).


This may need to be #1 on your list, not #5.  For me, it was a step that went along side each of the above strategies. I knew the Lord had planted a seed in my husband’s and my heart.  A seed I NEVER thought would be planted. Homeschooling just wasn’t what I’d envisioned for our family.  However, here it was staring me in the face.  So, I prayed a lot.  “Lord, Is this the right decision?”  “Give me peace and confidence to do this.” “Bless us with others in the homeschooling community to help me feel less isolated.”  “Show me that public school is for us.”  Etc.  I kinda let God guide my feelings.  I still do.  Everyday.

I hope and pray that this may help you in your decision to homeschool!

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  1. Can you please share what curriculum you used to start out? I think that is the hardest part for me is finding a good curriculum that will not be a waste of money. I have two four-year-olds and a two-year-old. Thank you!

    1. Hey Melinda! Thanks for stopping by! That is a really hard decision…and one that is so unique to each family. I got Sonlight’s pre-K program and we LOVED It. We’re sticking with Sonlight this year for K. However, it’s EXPENSIVE. It does include everything, and great lesson plans, bible teachings, etc. However, My Father’s World is a popular less expensive program. Confessions of a Homeschooler’s blog also sells a ‘Letter of the Week’ packet that I’m going to use for my 3.5 year old this year. Your 2 year old can use busy boxes and there are great ideas on 1+1+1=1’s blog. Feel free to check out my blog on tips and things I do too! You can always email me if you need more info ([email protected]), I’ll be happy to help! God Bless!

  2. Wow! This was an answer to my prayers- All summer I have been back & forth about why I should and shouldn’t. I am a mom of 5 with one on the way and was overwhelmed with making the decision! Thank you so much for sharing this! God Bless!

  3. So much good advice here… I think you’re saying “jut do it! with prayer you can accomplish it!”. I agree!!

    I’m sharing this!

  4. Appreciate your thoughts. Interestingly enough this post applies to me as well and we have been homeschooling for years. The tip to buy curriculum and test drive are huge!! Praying is the only thing that keeps me going from day to day!

  5. Hey Girl, I feel like I’ve found my people on this Hip Mom’s website. I really love what you said about just going for it, and all! Be encouraged that you are encouraging!!!! In Jesus, Kim

  6. Thank you for this post. I doubt myself all the time. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on a particular “problem” that I’m having. My MIL works as a Para in the public school system and just the other day, she made a passing comment that if I don’t put my (just turned 5) son into regular school, then I would be sacrifcing his education because he knows so much for his age. We live in Florida and in this state, they teach only the FCAT based curriculum. Which is bacisally a test to evaluate the teachers and helps to calculate their raises based on the scores the kids get. I refuse to put my children through that. They don’t even teach handwriting or spelling words in the schools. I’ve explained to my MIL that it is our decision how we raise our children and how we handle their schooling. Even though I’ve been homeschooling our oldest for 5 years and started our youngest son last year for pre-k. She still doesn’t get it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I taught in public schools too but decided to stay home to home school my daughter. She is finishing up this school year. I am trying to figure out where to start. Your website has been very helpful! Thanks again!

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