Inspiring Homeschool Moms

Finding inspiring homeschool moms is easy. You are all around me! But I’ll be honest, finding the energy to be one of those inspiring homeschool moms isn’t always so easy.

Inspiring Homeschool Moms | Hip homeschool Moms

Inspiring Homeschool Moms

We can get so burned out. The idea for this post stems from a deeply rooted need for inspiration and the realization that the demands on my life, such as homeschooling, can wear on me. It’s easy to neglect myself. I really have to work at it and stay inspired.

The Homeschool Marathon

Any busy mom knows it’s hard to balance the areas of our lives and all they demand and still find a way to have something left for God, ourselves, our spouses and children. I have homeschooled for over 15 years total and have already read the books, done a lot of Bible studies, and talked to others who have gone the way before me. These inspiring homeschool moms have helped me so much, and the learning never ends. You never become an expert homeschooler because family life dynamics keep changing. It’s very important not to be an island.  I have learned invaluable lessons and wouldn’t be the good homeschooler I am today without inspiring homeschool moms.

But, now is the time for us to get moving, keep moving, and finish the year strong. No matter how many other homeschoolers we look to for advice, we can only find the motivation inside ourselves. Homeschooling isn’t so much a race as it is a marathon-so I must keep going.

So How Do I Stay Inspired?

I am a military spouse married to my husband of 22 years, homeschooling mother, homemaker, caregiver, and blogger. I fulfill many roles that, well, just need to happen for me and my family. I do all the shopping, cleaning, planning, home school instruction (truly a full time job in itself), and transporting that takes place for my family. Sometimes I do it alone for periods of time due to deployment, etc. We have already put one son through college, and now it’s our daughter’s turn. She still lives at home. Though our oldest is moved out and on his own, it’s still a crowded nest situation. Economic times are hard and we are currently supporting our family on one income.

So, when I’ve decorated my 15th house in 18 years and we get our next set of orders, how will I find the energy to do it all…again? Where can I find the inspiration I lack? Who do I have to look up to now? Is there anyone who understands me?

Inspiring Homeschool Moms: Finding strength to finish the marathon. | Hip Homeschool Moms

“Mom, You’re the inspiration.”

The answer resonated with me when I asked the question aloud in front of my then 17 y/o daughter who responded with, “Mom, you’re the inspiration.” It wasn’t exactly the answer I wanted to hear. I had hoped someone could just give me the title of another book to read or refer me to the best homeschool group ever. It was the truth that stared me in the face: I have to find the strength in myself. I have to be confident and trust in myself. Trust in what I have learned and what I know is right. But I can’t do it alone.

God Gave Me Legs for Running

And that’s where the God part comes in. I need His help and grace to keep me going. God gave me legs for running, so it’s not right for me to be “sitting” on the sidelines watching. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Homeschool mom, I see myself in you. Don’t give up, get your runnin’ shoes on. Girl, you inspire me.

How do YOU balance it all? Let’s talk about what gives us the courage and strength to run this homeschool marathon one day at a time.

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