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50 Cheap {or FREE} Ways to Show Your Honey You Care

Some people are under the false assumption that to woo your husband you have to spend a good deal of money. It means a date – with a babysitter – and an expensive meal out. And gosh, I just don’t have that kind of money. So, instead we stay at home and sit in the living room on opposite ends of the couch and read our separate books – and we go to bed when we feel like it. OR we’re both so exhausted from taking care of little people that once they fall asleep, we go into a sleep coma and walk around the house in a state of zombie-dom while we fold laundry. The truth of the matter is, it’s easy to show him you care! I’ve compiled a list of 50 Cheap {or FREE} Ways to Show Your Honey You Care.

50 Cheap {or FREE} Ways to Show Your Honey You Care
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Well, I’m here to let you know that you can keep the romance alive! And guess what? It costs very little money – sometimes none at all. Here is your biggest cost involved in giving your honey some love…TIME. Yes, time. We sometimes get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget to invest time in the most important people. Why don’t we all start taking a few minutes each day to let our dearest know how dear he is?

50 Cheap {or FREE} Ways to Show Your Honey You Care

“You don’t know my husband! He’s not the lovey kind – he comes home and doesn’t even say ‘hi’ to me. He’s not worth a few minutes of my time. Maybe if he’d start showing me a little love and respect, I’d treat him better.” We cannot change people. We can only change ourselves. Show love to someone else – it’s for your benefit as much as theirs. If you want to be loved – start loving others.

So, after I’ve gotten most of you riled up and ready to pummel me with tomatoes, let’s put these words into action. Below you’ll find 50 ways to show your husband you care. They are small efforts – but even a small effort can say much. A smooch is worth 1,000 words. Or something like that.

50 Cheap {or FREE} Ways to Show Your Honey You Care

1. Smile when he comes home from work. Stop what you’re doing and give him a hug.

2. Pack his lunch.

3. Send a love note in his lunch.

4. Get up a little early and make his favorite breakfast.

5. Call him for no reason and tell him one thing you love about him.

6. Rub his back while watching television.

7. Ask him what he would like for dinner.

8. Make plans for him to have a “guy night.”

9. Buy his favorite candy bar as a surprise (cost = $.50-$1).

10. Schedule a “date night in” and have popcorn + movie when the kids go to bed.

11. Compliment him in front of others.

12. Hold his hand.

13. Kiss for no reason…not a goodbye or hello kiss. Just an, “I happened to be walking by” kiss.

14. Plan a cheap date night.

15. Check out his favorite movie from the library.

16. Go on a picnic.

17. Take a homemade treat by his work and drop it off.

18. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror.

19. Let him sleep in.

20. Do one of his chores (like take out the trash).

21. Use your child’s magnetic letters and write him a note on the refrigerator.

22. Send him an email and let him know you’re eager for him to come home.

23. When he leaves for work, send him a text and say, “I miss you.”

24. Ask, “What can I do for YOU today?”

25. Pray for him – daily. And tell him you’re doing it.

26. Say “Thank you” often.  Something simple like, “Thank you for taking out the trash. I appreciate it.”

27. Peel his orange (okay, I know that’s weird, but I know my husband appreciates that).

28. Make sure his favorite snacks make the grocery list.

29. Serve him – dinner. A coffee. Anything. Just bring it to him.

30. Iron his clothes (okay, another weird one…but I know this is very helpful to my husband).

31. Make a CD of his favorite music and put it in his car.

32. Test drive cars with him for fun – don’t most men like this idea?

33. Ask him 50 Questions.

34. Play his favorite game – even if it’s Monopoly and he dominates the board (no, I’m not bitter).

35. Arrange for someone to watch the kids (a family member for a free option) one Saturday and spend the whole day with him.

36. Wash his car.

37. What’s his favorite thing to do? Go do it with him. Even if it’s hunting and you can’t be quiet.

38. Sit close to him – instead of in another chair.

39. Get up early and make the coffee or tea.

40. Make him a bubble bath…with you included. Ha, ha! I couldn’t resist.

41. Discover his love language…and then SPEAK IT.

42. Write him a love note and leave it under his pillow.

43. Keep his glass filled.

44. Make his favorite dessert.

45. Wear an outfit you know he loves.

46. Get ready for the day – don’t stay in your pajamas. Let him know he’s worth your effort. He was when you were dating, right?

47. Replace his bookmark with a “Love Coupon” for something special.

48. Give him a hand massage.

49.  Listen when he speaks instead of zoning out – come on, you know you do it sometimes.

50. Say “I love you.”

“And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, ‘If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.’” Mark 9:35

And there you have it – 50 free or cheap ways to show your honey you care. Now you have no excuse. 🙂

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