Why It Matters What Your Children Are Wearing When They’re Sick

When our children come down with an illness, we check for fevers, pull out the medicines, make sure they stay hydrated and well rested, and feed them nutritious soups and broths.

But do we think about the clothes they are wearing?

Believe it or not, the clothing your children wear when they are sick can play a part in how sick they become and how prolonged that sickness is.

Keep reading to find out why it matters what your children are wearing when they’re sick.

HHM Why It Matters What Your Children Are Wearing When Theyre Sick

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A large majority of the clothing we buy today is made from synthetic fibers.  Synthetic fibers are made from chemicals during and after the manufacturing process.  These fabrics are not breathable, which means they don’t allow the body to breathe.  When we get sick, our bodies need to breathe to get rid of toxins.  The amount of toxins in the body can determine whether we get sick and how fast we recover if we do get sick.  If we wear synthetic fabrics when we’re sick, our bodies cannot breathe and get rid of toxins, thus making an illness worse or prolonged.

This goes for blankets too.

Many of those soft fuzzy blankets are oh-so-comfortable and cozy, but most are made from synthetic fabrics.  Be sure you check those labels as well.  I normally opt for a 100% cotton sheet when someone is ill.

And adorable one-piece pajama sets that are super soft and comforting for little ones {like in the photo above}, are usually synthetic.  Make sure you have cotton pajamas on your sweet little ones when they are battling an illness.

Here are common synthetic fabrics you need to be on the look-out for:

  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Triacetate
  • Acetate
  • Any clothing that says “stain resistant,” “wrinkle resistant,” or “no-iron.”

Natural fibers are made from things found in nature: plant, animal, and mineral sources.  They don’t contain chemicals, and they do allow the skin to breathe and function as it’s supposed to.

Common natural fabrics to choose from:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Silk

What about wearing synthetic fabrics when you are not ill?

Synthetic fabrics are not healthy whether you are or are not ill.  Period.  They not only hinder the body naturally detoxing, but they can also leach small amounts of chemicals into the system.  However it’s getting harder to find clothing that is made from 100% natural materials.  There are some “green” people who are very loyal about not ever using any synthetic fabrics because the fabrics are unhealthy for us and the environment.  I prefer to find clothing that is at least mostly cotton or some other natural material.  Some people may find themselves really sensitive to the chemicals in synthetic fabrics and have to avoid them completely.

Have you ever thought about how fabrics affect your health?

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  1. GREAT article Jill! Scripture tells us not to mix fibers, so I had thought about it… but not from this perspective. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I put my youngest in an outfit today and thought nothing of it when I dropped my kids off at my in-laws for a few hours. When I picked them up, she was definitely not feeling well. I can’t explain why, but l actually wondered if her outfit had something to do with it and stripped her down almost nothing when we got home. Just read this post and decided to check the tags on her outfit. Sure enough, 65% polyester, 34% rayon, 1% metallic and a pretty miserable little girl.

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