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On today’s Mentoring Moms show we started with a discussion about “What Is Your Homeschool Message? This article was written by veteran homeschooler Durenda Wilson from Simple Nourishing Home. Durenda’s article was the perfect place to start the show today because the first question deals with when conflicts happen in homeschools. It really lays the foundation for how to tackle such difficult situations in our homeschools.

conflicts in homeschool


The point Durenda makes in the article is how we, as parents, need to listen to our homeschool instincts. But for moms new to homeschooling, that is terrifying! We know you have not yet learned to trust your homeschool instincts… but you will! Just like you had to learn to trust your own mothering instincts through trial and error, you are having to learn to trust your homeschool instincts. It is time we reconsider some of these challenges we are experiencing … maybe we should think of them as job training (maybe even boot camp) for homeschooling! These challenges are not pointless… far from it! They are serving a very important purpose. They are leading you down the path to that point where you know you can rely on your homeschool instincts!

When Conflicts  Happen in our Homeschool

The first question we discussed on today’s show was what to do when our homeschool is filled with fights, stress and arguing. It is important to remember that each of our homeschools have experienced this at some level at some point, but especially in the beginning. Change can be hard. So, in the beginning, it is so easy, when everyone is already tense, for emotions to take over and for little disagreements to arise. Heidi Ciravola from Starts at Eight wrote an article sharing some sage advise with the luxury of hindsight. In If I could do it Over – My Homeschool Advice for Those Starting Out, Heidi reminds us:

If I could do it over.


When we allow the schedule, the curriculum, the need to check boxes off to run our lives, it can often lead us right into the ground!

Flexibility is the key, especially in the beginning. Be willing to adjust and tweak!


In “A Call to Simplicity” Durenda encourages us to remember:

a call to simplicity

We have the ability to smooth out their days and relieve their stress (and ours) by simplifying and providing consistent, simple rhythm to our days.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that children need very simple routines.


I posed this very question to our mamas on our Facebook Page.  They shared some great advise too!  Post by Hip Homeschool Moms.

The conclusion

Conflict happens. It is normal and it is natural. So much so, Durenda has written a whole series of articles on conflict.  It is only when conflict becomes the norm that there is a huge red flag that needs to be dealt with.  One thing I think we call all agree on is this… We need to be sure to focus on our relationships and the big picture more than the current disagreement about curriculum or homeschool.

I went to a blog conference earlier this year and met all of these wonderful ladies who co-host Mentoring Moms with me. They have become homeschooling mentors of mine. I left the conference more convicted to stay focused on the big picture. To remember we essentially have Just 18 Summers. Just 18 Summers (years) to equip them with the tools and encouragement they will need. And those summers are flying by.

If you would like to hear our discussion about this topic and the rest of the questions we covered on the September 16th Mentoring Moms show, here is the video:

We pray that our show is a blessing to you and your homeschool!

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  1. Trish, you did a fantastic job of re-capping this morning’s Mentoring Moms! I am so impressed with the way you tied everything together and brought in other helpful resources for moms. I wish this was around 20 years ago when I started! Kudos!!! I think this is SUCH a great idea!!! I just wish I didn’t look so tired this morning! I didn’t put any mascara on and I scared myself when I saw my face on the computer screen! Oh well, just keeping it real moms! This mom get tired too! Sleep eludes me as we await our grand baby who is due any day!!!!!
    Thanks again, Trish. Your commitment to our moms is such a blessing!!!

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