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Tyndale’s Play Along Bible Review

Sometimes it’s hard to find a Bible that very young children enjoy. Their attention spans can be short, and let’s face it, they’d often rather be running and playing than sitting and reading! That’s why we’re so excited to share Tyndale’s Play Along Bible with you!

Play Along Bible Cover


My sister was one of the moms who received this Bible to read and review, and she and her son Silas loved it! (If my sis looks familiar, it’s because we’re identical twins.) I took a video of them reading the Bible together, and I hope you enjoy it. Silas is an active little guy, and I wasn’t sure if he would sit still and listen, but you can see from the video that he really did pay attention and interact as his mom read to him.

Today we’re sharing a review/giveaway for Tyndale’s Play Along Bible! Three moms were given these Bibles to read and enjoy with their children, and here they’re sharing their experiences with you. After you’ve read their reviews, be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the article. And please share it with your friends too!

Here’s what Melissa had to say about Tyndale’s Play Along Bible:

My son Silas and I loved this book! He enjoys listening to Bible stories, which we read together almost every night, but he gets restless after a few minutes. With the Play-Along Bible, not only did he not get restless, he didn’t want to stop reading!

As a little guy with special needs, it is often difficult to find materials that teach things that are important but are interesting enough to hold his attention. As his mom, it is especially important to me to teach and train him to know the Bible. Also, as the mom of 4 homeschoolers who are all full of energy, I have done lots of research and have found that learning that includes some aspect of physical interaction/movement results in the most learning. This Bible includes just that–and I don’t have to think of creative movements because they are all scripted right in!

The artwork is beautiful, and each story includes references for the book of the Bible and verses that it is about. I’ve been very disappointed in the past to find that many kids’ story Bibles do not include Scripture references.

In an effort to be honest and give a well-rounded review of this Bible storybook, I felt that I should include information on what I did not like about this book, but I just couldn’t find anything I didn’t like! This is simply a very well done, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable book! I’m not sure which of us liked it better!

Jamie and Her Daughter Had This to Say:

I’m always looking for ways to reach my girls with the message of God’s love and  the Bible. When presented the opportunity to read The Play Along Bible, I jumped on it.

When we started reading this, my youngest immediately wanted to continue even after we read thru several pages a few times each.  She has started to carry this book with her everywhere and will even recite part of it with the motions or sounds on her own. I love that the pages were multi-sensory. We read it together and looked at the illustrations as well as the words. Having the signs and the various sounds in the acting out was great.
My oldest has enjoyed helping her with the passages, and I’m pretty sure their favorite pages are the 7 days of creation. This is a great book! It is concise with each passage included and is a fun and memorable way to teach the Bible. I definitely recommend it!
  Tyndale Play Along Bible Collage

Arlene and Her Children Loved It Too!

An opportunity for my kids to spend time together? I’ll take it! Thank you “Play Along Bible” for this precious opportunity.
What started out as a simple task of me reading with my littlest one (and doing the motions together) morphed into a mother’s dream.  Once my other two kids saw us playing, they wanted in on it.  Big sister asked if she could read her little brother’s Bible to him.  It was so sweet to watch her so tenderly read and play with him. Then when middle brother saw them having fun, he asked if HE could also read to little brother.  How sweet it was that they both look forward to spending time reading and teaching their little brother stories from the Bible. Everyone is enjoying this time together!
Play Along Bible Collage 2

More Information:

This Play Along Bible is a way for kids to have fun while combining play time with Bible stories! We all know that kids learn best through play, so this Bible gives them the opportunity to “read” and play along in order to help them learn to enjoy reading the Bible and remember what they’ve read. It’s great not only for home use but also for group storytelling (think Sunday School, children’s church, play groups, etc.). And the best part is that the interactivity and fun are built right into each story!

This Bible is geared toward children ages 4 to 8, but it’s fun for older or younger siblings and adults too! You can buy your own copy by clicking here, or you can enter for a chance to win it below.


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    1. It’s so great! I can’t wait to do all the pages with my daughter. We have a presentation day on Thursday for our homeschool group and I think I’m going to have her do a few.

  1. I think it sounds brilliant! When we do devotions as a family my 6 year old is ok about listening, but my 4 year old has trouble sitting still. This would actually make reading the Bible fun and exciting for them and I think they’d remember what we read better!

  2. I love the idea of letting the kids be active and interactive while learning about the bible. I’ve got three kids ages 3 years to 4 months. This is perfect!

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