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Traditional, Boxed, Complete Homeschooling Curriculum and How It Worked for Us!

My family chose to use a full curriculum in our homeschool, and we didn’t deviate. We homeschooled for over 20 years and successfully graduated 4 children without changing our base curriculum. We found this to be a great relief,  and it gave us more time to be a family.

How did we do it? First and foremost, we didn’t let the curriculum control us. While I needed to teach the academics, I also needed time to be a mother and a wife. By using a complete program that had lesson plans and a distance learning (video teachers) program to help, I had more time in my day to do things other than preparing those lesson plans for 4 children and then preparing and studying those lessons to present to my children. While I could facilitate or teach activities and lessons with all 4 children together, they each still needed some advanced individual instruction for some subject areas in order to move ahead.

There are about 8 subjects in the elementary grades, so that was 32 subjects I was supposed to teach each day! Really?? No way could I do that successfully and still have dinner on the table and other household management tasks accomplished. Using a complete curriculum with a distance learning program not only helped me to teach the subjects my children needed, but it also allowed me to give my children a rigorous education and still give them time to be children!

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Note that I said the complete curriculum with a distance learning program helped me. Just because it had everything laid out for me didn’t mean I followed it exactly. I was able to tweak the guides it provided for each child. The tweaking was much easier and took much less time than creating lesson plans from the ground up. By having a complete curriculum, I knew that the publisher had already researched what my children needed to know, so I didn’t have to worry about whether or not they were getting everything they needed to be successful. We were also able to have many adventures along the way because my time was not consumed with planning each day’s lessons. We were able to explore each child’s interests.

Our curriculum of choice was BJU Press. We were so thankful for the success that we were having that we chose to promote and represent the curriculum in order to share our journey with others. You can find out more about our family journey through our web pages here and here.

My children have all graduated from homeschooling now, so I have the opportunity to speak at conventions and for groups all over, simply sharing what worked for us. I enjoy presenting my workshop “Unravel the Frazzle” to help explain how to get time back in the day while homeschooling. Knowing how to implement the curriculum successfully is key. That is one of the benefits of being a consultant. I am able to help homeschool parents make the curriculum work for them. Letting it be your guide is the best way to have a successful year with a complete program.


Eujeana is a Senior HomeWorks by Precept Consultant since 2004. She supports a team of consultants over multiple sEujeana Profile Pic Resizedtates and works directly with other families using the curriculum that helped her family be successful in their educational endeavors. She has four children who have all successfully graduated from their family homeschool using the same curriculum for 20 years. Her oldest graduated from Vanderbilt University and is now working successfully in Boston. Her next child has his Commercial Pilot’s License. Her third child is a successful seamstress completing a degree in Family and Consumer Science, and her youngest is a biology major in college. You can find her sharing her journey throughout the year on her webpage or consulting with families with HomeWorks. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Eujeana of Independent Senior HomeWorks Consultant.

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  1. Great explanation of how your family was able to benefit from BJU Press curriculum! Kudos on successfully navigating through your homeschooling journey with God’s direction for your family!

  2. Excellent article! I have spent 25 years off and on, trying different methods. It’s been getting better and better each year but still wasn’t where I wanted it to be with my “different learners”. Now that I have learned about and sampled the distance learning aspect plus the excellent parent-led materials of BJU, I feel like this may be our answer. I feel like a great weight has been lifted of trying to “do it all”.

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