The Social Butterfly – She Can Homeschool?

I always knew that when the day finally came for me to start a family (and it took me a long time to get there) that I would be a stay at home mom.  I really had no doubts in my mind about it.  If I was going to have kids, then I was going to raise them myself, not some one else.  But homeschooling?  I can honestly say I really never thought of it as an option for me.
I was a horrible student in school.  I definitely felt that school existed for me to hang out with my friends and maybe check out some cute boys.  Okay, scratch that, cute boys were a definite!  By the time I finished 9th grade my parents were very worried about whether or not I would finish school let alone have any kind of education at all.  So they decided to homeschool me for the remainder of my high school years.
For a “Social Butterfly” (that was the label I was given at a very young age) this felt like a horrible punishment.  I was convinced that my parents had gone off the deep end and they surely must hate me because they were going to punish me for the next 3 YEARS!  Come on!
So to say the idea of homeschooling sounded like torture to me is definitely an understatement!
When my husband and I moved to New York it was time to start thinking about preschool for my daughter.  So, as I was trying to find a fantastic preschool for my brilliant daughter I thought “I should just see what the schools are like here.”  I was floored by how poor the test scores were and the ratio of students to teachers.  Only 56% of there Seniors graduated and they averaged 26/1 students to teachers at the elementary level.  The real kicker was all the “talk” on the district sites about there excitement of how amazing the new “high test scores” and graduation rates were.  Okay, so I am no longer feeling good about sending her to school here!
In set the panic of what to do.  How was my daughter going to have ther “best life ever” with out a good education?  My husbands response was, “Well, not a problem.  You can just homeschool her.”  Um, reallly?  Just like that?  Are you kidding me?  Maybe if she had a different Mom that would be okay but my poor daughter was stuck with me – The Social Butterfly!  I was so against the idea I even tried to convince my husband that I would go back to work and he could stay home and teach her!
Well, obviously that was not a real option for us, so I promised to think about it and pray – tons of praying!  How in the world was I going to teach my daughter?  I was the girl that had to be taught at home and now I was going to do the teaching?  Some how that seemed just wrong and unfair to my daughter.  Please Lord, don’t let me mess my sweet girl up!
After lots of praying and debating with my husband and myself, I finally came to the decision, “It’s a only Preschool and if my husband is this convicted that we should do this then I’m willing to try it – for a year.”  I admit it’s not the best way to start a new adventure.  But God was still working on me.
So our preschool year came and went and I was happy with the progress my daughter had made.  We definitely had some tough days but, well who doesn’t.  So I decided to do it one more year – kindergarten.
Praying my way through another school year (and some days by the minute) we made it through last year. By the end of the year (which was 3 weeks ago for us) I was amazed at how wonderful this thing called homeschooling really was.  My daughter is reading at a second grade level and I am able to watch her grow and learn – not missing a thing.  What a blessing!!!
What has really amazed me is how much I have learned along the way.  God has truly shown me so much about not only my daughter but myself that I hadn’t seen before.  I thank God (and my husband) for opening the “homeschooling door” to me. Homeschooling has become a wonderful blessing in my life – not a punishment.

We are no longer living in New York and we are in a very good school district – 93% graduation rate!  But I can’t even imagine not teaching my daughter at home now.  Who is going to care about her education as much as me?  Who can give her that one on one attention?  Who can keep it exciting to learn for her?

God has changed me so much in the last two years and shown me that you can leave your comfort zone – by leaning on Him!  He’s also shown me that it’s okay to side with my husband some times. But that one is just between us Mom’s!


So, some advice (from a Social Butterfly) to anyone who may be battling with the idea of homeschooling.  If the idea/conviction has been placed on either you or your spouse – give it to God.  Try it for a year and take it one year at a time with as much prayer as you possibly can.  Become involved with a homeschool wonderful homeschool community in your area and on line – like our fabulous Hip Homeschool Moms here!  You just may be surprised with a true blessing!.

Meg Hykes is proud to call herself a Homeschoolin Mama!  She’s still sees herself as a “Social Butterfly” but she is embracing it with love and owning the title!  She lives in Chicago, IL with her high school sweet heart hubby and there two little girlies.  She’s a Jesus Girl who has been homeschooling for 2 years and is loving how much we are ALL growing because of it.    You can find Meg talking away over at her blog Homeschoolin MamaFacebook and on Twitter @HomeschoolnMama.

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  1. I loved this story. I am starting my home-school experience this fall. My daughter is going to a christian school right now (kindergarten) and though it is a good school there have been a few issues with bullying and in my opinion, not enough one on one attention so she isn’t learning at the pace “she” wants to learn at. She is so hungry for more.

    Your story encourages me because I was never one to think I could do a good enough job with my daughter, I would surly somehow stunt her learning for life. But I am truly excited and no longer believe that and blogs like yours continually encourage me! Thanks!


    1. Oh thank you! You are too kind! I am a firm believer in being an open book. I think it’s the only way to go! You will be amazed at how life will change with homeschooling! I wish you luck!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this beautiful tribute to your first year! I actually got teary. It reminds me so much of my own. There is this passage in the Bible that talks about Moses being instructed to lead the Israelites and he basically says, “You got the wrong guy. You must not know I stink at this whole leading thing.”. I always felt that story was my story for encouragement. I was the mom who needed to be out! I needed a clean, organized house, I needed time away! I was not the right gal! But just like you it has come full circle and five years later I love it more today than ever! Good job choosing the right road for your family!

  3. My youngest of five sons will graduate tomorrow. It’s been quite the journey, but God has been faithful as every need, of whatever kind, came up.

    Many blessings to you and your family, Meg, as you continue to follow God’s leading in your homeschooling adventure!

  4. One of my friends is a true social butterfly, so her “school schedule” is completely unlike mine (I love sitting at home). 🙂 She tends to do more “adventures” and “school on the go.” But it works, and she loves it!

  5. Beautiful story! It’s great to hear about how different people are overcoming obstacles in their homeschooling journey. It encourages me as I face my own obstacles. Blessings!

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