The Best Way to Start Your Homeschool Day

Several years ago, we published an article called The Most Important Way to Start the School Day. If you’ve read the article, you can see that we believe the best way to start the school day (or any other day!) is with prayer.

Prayer is important for Christian parents and students. It’s the perfect way to be sure that our priorities are in order, our minds are focused, and our hearts are prepared to have a great day! Of course we all know that every single day won’t be fantastic. Some days will come with problems and stress. But even on those days–especially on those days–prayer is the best way to begin the day.

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Recently several of you emailed or commented and asked us to write a new article with a new prayer for this school year. I thought that was a great idea! Below you will find a prayer for this school year. I hope it’s a blessing to you and your family and that it helps you get each school day off to the best possible start.

Dear Father in Heaven,

We want to thank you today for the opportunity to learn and grow together. Please help us to be truly grateful and to understand the gifts of learning and being together.

We ask You to help us to do our best at everything we do in our homeschool today. Help us to stay on task when we work. Help us to work at each subject and do the best we can. And give us patience and persistence when we need it.

Help us to be kind to those we encounter today. Help us forgive others. And help us accept kindness and forgiveness from others.

We ask You to help us love others more than we love ourselves, and we pray that others see You in us today.

Thank you for the blessings you’ve given us. Thank you for the love you show us each day. Thank you for forgiving us. And thank you for giving Your Son to die for our sins. 

We love you and praise you today!

In Jesus’ name,


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  1. Hello Wendy! I randomly found this web site on Facebook. I am a new homeschooling mom, and I too have a child with autism. He is 11. Would u be able to connect with me and give some advice on how to get through lesson plans when dealing with behavioral issues ? Or even when the child isn’t grasping the concept? It can be discouraging, but I also know that God has a plan for his life. I am having faith the He will give me the wisdom to homeschool the best I can!

    1. Hi Angela! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! We took a group of homeschoolers to Niagara Falls, and we just got back last night. I’m sending you an email now. 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful prayer! I copied it to my phone to pray with my children. 🙂
    Thank you for the reminder to start our school day with prayer!

  3. We start our day off with prayer first thing automatically. If something happens that we are thrown of course – it makes a huge difference and not in a good day. This article is such a great read!

  4. We begin our homeschool day with prayer and reading a chapter of the Bible. We then talk about what we read and how we can apply it in our lives . Then we work on Scripture memorization and we have an age and topic appropriate devotional for our daughter. This has brought us closer to God and closer as a family. We have been able to see so much growth in our daughter in her studies but especially spiritually. The prayer that is in this article hits a homeschool family right on spot!

  5. Amen! Thank you for sharing this with us! Our prayer time sometimes gets long as I pray, then each of the kids pray…but it warms my heart to hear them talking to Jesus!

  6. Starting your day with a grateful heart is super motivating for me. Prayer gives us positive feeling and confidence to overcome with any situation whether good, bad or worst. It’s a great idea to start your day.

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