Strawberry Mice: Add Fun to Your Kids’ Snacks

Adding a little fun and food to our homeschool day keeps us from burning out and the complaining about doing grammar (again) at bay. These adorable little strawberry mice made our Tale of Despereaux book club a little extra special.


Ingredients You Need for Strawberry Mice:

Directions for Strawberry Mice:

  1. Wash strawberries and remove the leaves.
  2. Insert almond slices into the sides of the strawberry for ears.
  3. Use black icing gel to make dots for eyes and nose.
  4. Place strawberries on plate.
  5. Draw a tail with the chocolate icing.

Directions for Cheese Slices:

  1. Unwrap cheese slice
  2. Using a round icing tip, punch holes into the cheese at irregular intervals.
  3. Cut cheese slice into triangles.

What are ways you add some excitement to your homeschool day?

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