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Sonrise Stable Books 3 & 4 Review & Giveaway {Closed}

Sonrise Stable horse booksI already knew I had a winner when I presented the Sonrise Stable series books Clothed With Thunder (book three) and Tender Mercies (book four) to Lily because there were horses involved. I really got a kick when Lily came running to me, after she had started reading the books, excitedly telling me that the children in the book are also homeschooled. That made the book even more attractive to her (and to me).

In the last two books of the series, we walk through the lives of Carrie, Rosie and Grandma (and other family members). The girls are the kind of girls that you want your daughters to spend time with and play. They are bright, courteous and are not afraid to share their faith, which is what they do in Clothed With Thunder.

From the beginning of the book, when the girls hear a presentation in their 4-H group about the evolution of the horse, you get a feel for the strength of the characters and their values, with Rosie’s desire to make a rebuttal. At the suggestion of their mother, the girls make it their project for the next 4-H meeting to prove that God created horses and that they did not evolve. Although the project is Carrie’s and Rosie’s, their family members offer suggestions giving the reader a sense of how the family works and encourages each other.

Lily has been enjoying the Sonrise Stable series and I like the fact that I do not have to worry about the content of the books she is reading. Vicki Watson, who is the author of the series, introduces her readers to a loving, Christian family. There is respect for each other and you can tell that the children are loved by their parents.

There are currently four books in the series. You may read a review of the first two books from Heidi here at Hip Homeschool Moms. Watson has brought to life in her books several characters, who are based on real-life people she has known. Those even include her three homeschooled daughters who are all graduates. The character of the grandmother is based on Watson herself. The stories she tells are based on personal experiences and the people she has met while growing up and her work with horses. Readers not only get insight into Watson’s life, but also know that the interaction with the horses is accurate.

Horses, Christian family values and children who are just like mine (homeschoolers) make this series a good find for my daughter (and me). You are just in time to jump on board as book five in the series is expected sometime in the future.

The Sonrise Stable series books are available as physical copies or as e-books. Learn more at the Sonrise Stable website and on the Facebook page.

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Sonrise Stables books and t-shirtWe’re excited to be giving away a Sonrise Stable Prize Pack this week! The prize pack includes Sonrise Stable Books 1-4 and a fun t-shirt that your horse lover is sure to love.

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  • My daughter who is almost 11 just loves horses. We are taking a trip soon to my cousin’s ranch in Texas. She will be in heaven 🙂

  • My daughter just loves horses and we are hoping to get her one by the end of this year. These would be perfect for her!

  • Our daughter, Emily, is a huge animal lover but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves to ride, groom and just be around horses any chance she gets. She’d like to be a large animal vet one day!

  • My Girlie is going to read these books until they disintegrate in her hands! She is of the “Horse and Hound Club” for sure!

  • My daughter is the horsey-est girl on this planet! She reads about horses, rides horses, draws horses, pretends she is a horse in playtime……… and the list goes on…..

  • My little girl loves horses. She hasn’t rode one, as of yet, but we always have to stop so that she can see them.

  • My daughter is in love with horses. Everything she wants to read or play with is horses. She would absolutely love these books.

  • My daughter just turned 9 and is a huge horse lover! She attended horse camp for one week and was in Heaven. She reads every horse book she can get her hands on and loves writing about them as well. She has signs on her bedroom window that say things like, I love horses and All you need in life is family, love, God, Jesus, and horses.” She wrote an essay last year for a discount to a horse ranch and won 3rd place but we can not afford the trip so she hasn’t gotten her dream vacation yet. She has been homeschooled all her life and really relates to the few books she has where the kids are homeschooled. This set of books would make her one of the happiest people alive.

  • My almost 8 year old daughter loves horses and reading. A series that I don’t have to read before she does would be great.

  • My daughter loves anything to do with horses, and I know she’ll love these books. And the great thing is I know that I’ll love these books, too. It sounds like they have some great messages and values and even if I don’t win this contest I will be going out to buy them myself…they look THAT good! Thanks for the chance to win them, though…I’m so excited! 🙂

  • My daughter loves horses and reading! I would not be surprised to see her riding her horse while reading. LOL She’s been riding horses since she was 3.

  • My daughter LOVES horses! She wants to read about them and I would love the reassurance that godly values and character traits are being reinforced!

  • My 9.5 year old daughter is in love with horses. A day doesn’t go by that she doesn’t try convincing us to buy her one. Her goals in life are to teach Christian dance, then marry a godly man who loves horses, then become a mommy/homeschool teacher. I think those are pretty good goals if I do say so myself.

  • My daughter LOVES….LOVES…..LOVES horses. So much so, we are doing a year long unit study as part of her fourth grade studies next year. 😀 This would be fantastic!!!

  • Oh, we have two horse lovers in this house and they have blossomed in their reading this year. I would love for them to win this! Thanks!

  • My daughter just received the first book as a birthday present last week. She is really enjoying it – how fun it would be to win more in this newly-discovered series!

  • my daughter is also crazy about horses – reads about them, writes about them, draws them, plays with toy ones, pretends she has a real one, etc. hopefully, one of these days, she’ll get to have more riding lessons. till then, books are a must as an outlet and these sound perfect!

  • My 7 year old has adored horses since she was 2. She takes riding lessons and it is the one thing that she has never gotten bored with. She tells us about her horses after every lesson.

  • Oh, my daughter (and my sons) LOVE horses! We have a few acres where we have a few cows and chickens but the children dream of a day when we bring home a horse! My children love reading about horses and all things country-living. They would adore this!

  • My 71/2 yr old daughter is addicted to horses. She loves to read about them, play with her toy horses, act like a horse, draw horses and ride horses. Each week we volunteer at a horse rescue. Her bedroom wall is covered in horse posters. She would love these books!

  • We have horses in the family, so of course we are a horsey family! My daughter loves horses and infact we are in the middle of giving her a horse themed bedroom.

  • My daughter has been a horse lover since she was a baby. She started out calling them “Betsy’s” and we have no idea where that came from. Now her room is covered in horses and she collects anything horse related that she can get her hands on. She is dyslexic and just recently a light switch turned on where she has been able to read chapter books, she is devouring every book she can get her hands on. These books would be perfect for her!

  • The contest entry is half covered by the advertisements and so I cant read what all it says to do. I’ve signed up I think with my name and email but it says more and I cant see it. Any help? My daughter Emily has loved horses for years and would love to win this.

  • OH – these look GREAT! My oldest is a reader and loves animals (wants to be a vet), these would be wonderful! I’m always looking for new series for her too! Thanks for sharing this review!

  • We live right across from a facility which gives lessons. Due to her asthma, she can’t ride or be close to the horses. We do make a point to stop and watch the lessons as often as we can. These books would help her contnue to love horses from a safe distance and practice her reading skills.

  • We are currently shopping for a new house with
    several acres of land so that our daughter can
    have horses. It’s been her dream since she was
    three years old.
    Her favorite books are centered around pioneer
    times, which, of course, include horses.

  • Both of my girls love horses! My youngest want to learn to ride. These books would be wonderful for them!

    • Wow, what a wonderful find; horse books with Godly messages! My 8 yr old horse crazy, homeschooled daughter will go bonkers for these! And I’ll approve of these for her summer reading!

  • My eldest daughter, Alexia is 9. She loves horses. We are hoping to get her some riding lessons soon-but she hates (loathes) to read. I am hoping to find something that will peak her interest.

  • My youngest daughter absolutely loves horses and adores any books that talk about them or have pictures of them… even if it only occurs once 🙂

  • These books sound wonderful. My oldest daughter loves horses and reading. I know she will appreciate that the characters are homeschooled, too!

  • My daughter is loves horses. She also loves reading. She is 7 and told me that her ‘favorite treasures’ were her books. She is an excellent reader and breezes through chapter books. I know she would love this set!

  • Both of my kids ride horse, but my daughter inherited the horse lover gene big time. My in laws have horses and my sister in law has been obsessed with horses since she was three…the same age my daughter was when the horse bug hit her! Her bed room is horses. Her clothes are horses. Her books are about horses. She is going to be a large animal vet and her idol is The Incredible Dr. Pol. There is no prizefighter pack more suited for my daughter than if it were an actual pony.

  • Our youngest daughter is an avid lover of all animals. She has a very tender heart. We have contemplated getting horses.

  • Can I just say that this is so wonderful. My daughter who struggles with dyslexia really does not like to read. We have found her a reading therapy program that she actually does with horses at the barn! She loves riding and learning about the horses… perfect is this set?! Love it.

  • My daughter Madison adores horses! It is her dream to one day be a veterinarian. She wants to rescue horses and give them a place to live on her farm. 🙂

  • I’m the original horse lover in my family, but I have passed that love on to my 2nd daughter, Emily. When we visit my aunt who has horses, Emily spends most of her time at the fence with the horses.

  • Hi! Thanks for the giveaway! My 11 year old daughter loves horses! These books sound really sweet and we would love to read them!

  • Thanks for the giveaway – my daughter loves horses and I am always looking for books that would she would find fun in reading.

  • My son age 8 and daughter age 7 love horses. My aunt has a farm with a couple of horses and my son would stay by them the entire visit, even for meals.

  • I have three beautiful, homeschooled granddaughters who are going to love these books! When they are not at the barn with their horse, they are reading.

  • My 7 year old daughter would love these! She has loved horses forever and just started riding lessons. She has also a veracious reader and would love these books.

  • Alyssa (Age 5) would enjoy reading these books. She is a young avid reader. She disappears in her coset to read chapter books while I work or do chores. She enjoyed reading Blaze and the Mountain Lion so I am sure this series would be a big hit with her. I haven’t heard of these books. I would love to try a new series where I didn’t have to worry about content, because she is so young it’s difficult finding appropriate chapter books for her age. I love the fact that she can learn about horses while related the information to her faith in God. Thank you for the opportunity! This giveaway looks GREAT!

  • I have girls who think they love horses, they love the idea. I always was. Unfortunately we have not been able to expose them to riding and being around horses yet. My girls would adore reading the stories though!

  • My son is 41/2 and loves to read. If it were not for homeschooling I am sure he would not be an early reader. He would love horse books. Hip homeschool mom is my favorite thing to follow on twitter! Much thanks.

  • My sweet girl LOVES horses and has just started to read chapter books. This would be perfect for her summer reading!