Sight Word Printables and Activities

This week we’re featuring printables and activities related to sight words! Many homeschoolers are beginning a new school year right now, and that means lots of young homeschool students are learning sight words! We hope you and your little ones enjoy these printables and activities.  If you’re looking for other freebie topics, click here to find others that might interest you. We may also have some freebies that aren’t related to today’s topic. Just scroll all the way down to look for them.

HHM Sight Word Printables

Ice-Cream-Sight-Words Sight Word Matching Game
I drew some pictures to represent each of 42 sight words. Kids can match the word to the picture.
teaching-in-blue-jeans_multisensory_sight_word_pages_6_b7f9 Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages
This post details why I use a multi-sensory approach to teaching sight words with free samples!
image Fry’s first 100 words jumping game – candycorn themed
This games helps beginning readers become more familiar with sight words using their whole body.
insect-books-main-copy Insect books for Preschoolers that teach about maps, colors and sight words (Printables)
This is a great set of printables that go along with books.
preview Print and Cursive Sight Word Printables
Why teach children print to only have to go back and teach cursive afterwards? With these printables the children can become familiar with what each letter of the alphabet looks like in print and cursive, avoid confusion later!This is a preview of a big set I am working on. I am offering this free, but would REALLY appreciate some good feedback. So please download, use, and review this product! Thank you!
sight-words-spanish-1-2-3-4-sample Spanish Sight Word Practice Worksheets
This packet is a sample of my Spanish Sight word packets that are a fun way for early elementary students to improve their Spanish reading and writing skills.
The words included in this sample are: de, voy, mamá, luego, primero.
These worksheets are 100% in Spanish and appropriate for early elementary dual language or immersion programs.
Children will have fun while reading, writing, tracing, cutting and pasting, and counting out syllables to learn these words.
number-rods-main Montessori Number Rods Printable
Using Montessori at home is not easier than ever with these printable number rods.
Pinning-Images-8x11-14 Bug and Insect Coloring Pages
Original designs, compliments any bug and insect activity perfectly!
Retail value: $3.00
insect-videos-pin Insect Videos for Kids
A collection of insect videos for kids from YouTube that are perfect to watch when learning about bugs.
popsicle-counting-clip-cards Popsicle Counting Clip Cards
This set of fun clip cards is perfect for your little ones to practice counting this summer!

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