Middle School Writing Rubric


Use this free middle school writing rubric to aid you is giving feedback, grading or editing your child’s middle school papers. This is a free digital download PDF.

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Use a Middle School Writing Rubric

As homeschoolers most of us do not give grades. Mainly because we know our child’s progress and what they need improvement on. But occasionally, and I found as my children have approached middle and high school, there is a time and place for grading in my homeschool. I have found it particularly helpful in giving my child feedback and also to make sure he is meeting my requirements for an assignment.

It may be difficult for the average homeschool mom to quantify in her mind how to grade writing assignments. I’ve found it essential and more fair to utilize a Writing Rubric. This writing rubric is geared for my  7th grader’s daily assignments -small paragraphs and mini reports. For larger reports, apply the content section sentence requirements to paragraphs.

I also utilize it as a check list for his own final editing. This gives him the chance to edit his own mistakes first before I issue a final grade. Grading his own work is a useful and helpful exercise- especially for teens and preteens. So if you are not big on grades, then you may just want to use this as a check list for you child’s own editing.

Feel free to use this document for your own personal use. You may download and make copies for your own household. To share- simply share the post linking back to this page.




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