When It’s Been One of Those Days (or Weeks)

I totally love homeschooling and am sure that you do too. But if you homeschool, then you are bound to have one of those days. You know, one of those days.

one of those days

You may have one of those days when you just do not feel like getting out of bed at 6 a.m. (or earlier) to begin your day.

You may have one of those days when you would rather read a few more pages in that book you did not want to put down and that kept you up into the wee hours of the morning reading to find out what would happen next. {I know it’s a crazy long sentence, but it may be one of those days.}

You may have one of those days when the thought of breakfast being served to you in bed keeps you waiting expectantly for your meal to arrive.

You may have one of those days when your list of things to do far surpass the hours in the day.

You may have one of those days when tackling math, science, and language arts does not sound as exciting as sitting in front of the television (or some other electronic device) and watching a favorite show or movie.

You may just have one of those days and it is alright, because it is going to happen.

But at least you’ll be ready.

When you have one of those days, then…

Instead of waking up early, hit the snooze button and sleep for a couple of more hours. It may actually refresh you.

Grab that book and invite your children into the bed with you. You may either read-a-loud or let everyone read his own book while you cuddle under the blankets.

Ignore the “no eating in bed” rule and munch on some apples, bananas, or other fruit. Popcorn is a favorite, and try not to worry about the mess.

Take a look at your list and decide what really needs to be completed that day. If you find your list is still too long, then close your eyes and choose three to start with. Continue from there until everything that must get done is completed.

Let each child choose one or two subjects to concentrate on for the day, and get the work done. They will be more agreeable and teaching should be easier because they chose the subjects.

When you have one of those days, just call it a lazy day and enjoy it in its entirety. Having one of those days every once in a while may be just what you need to revive you and give you the energy to begin again the next day.

What do you do when you’re having one of those days?

Mommy Note: I know that some mommies have babies and rolling over and sleeping a couple of more hours may not be possible. Enjoy this time with your children, because those days will soon be gone.

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  1. I love this advice! I think this is so important, not only for our sanity, but also for our health to relax once in a while and seize the day (or weeks) of laziness! Our kids are getting so much more accomplished at home than they would at a traditional set-up with 30+ kids in the classroom. We don’t need to always be in the rat race doing, doing, and doing all the time. Sometimes we deserve a break to just enjoy the moment. Thank you for reminding us that this is totally okay!

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