The Real Role of a Mother

No doubt about it: being a homeschooling mom is hard work! What can make the job even harder is the fact that much of society is trivializing the role of a mother, especially a homeschool mom. And few people today value the position. Mothers are told that they are wasting their talents, suffocating their personalities, and forfeiting their futures. But is this really true? Have we bought the lie about the real role of a mother?

The real role of a mother

I won’t try to speak for others, but in my own life the opposite is true. My talents are being used to bless the lives of the people that I love most: those of my husband, children, family, and friends. My personality is tempered and realized fully as I have ample opportunities to die to myself and find true joy in living for others.

Instead of forfeiting my future, I am investing in it, with the love poured out into the present. I am raising children intentionally, realizing that their lives will affect the lives of others for many years to come, and that they are in fact eternal.

Though I know all these things to be true, I still face times of doubt, fatigue, and frustration. One thing that I find tremendously encouraging is the fact that I have dear friends who have homeschooled many years, whose children’s lives testify to the fact that homeschooling can have awesome results. I also try to read books, magazines, and blogs that uphold the value of mothering and homeschooling. But I think the most important thing is the need for a vision.

It seems to me that most things that are really worth doing in this life are wrought with trials and difficulties, and the reason why people persevere is because of the belief that what they are doing is of eternal value and will have far-reaching consequences. The same holds true for raising and homeschooling children: knowing what my vision is can help me to see beyond and live above the daily trials and challenges I face. Having a vision can enable me to face the most difficult obstacles with joy, knowing that the outcome is more than worth the effort. My vision is to raise up children who will be a light in the darkness, who will see the value of putting others first and caring for the needy. It is to raise children who have an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovery and are equipped with the ability to find the answers that they seek. I want them to have the courage to stand for what is right and even to take risks when risks are called for. I want them to be diligent, purposeful, and decisive. I want them to be wise in the face of adversity. And when it is time to send them out into the world, I hope that they will change it for the better as they interact with those around them, like ripples on a pond. That is my vision.

At times I marvel at the years of preparation needed to climb Mt. Everest: the training, the risk, the unbelievable hardships and trials and even suffering involved in reaching the goal. If others can overcome such obstacles to reach the top of a mountain, then, with God’s help, I can overcome the daily trials of raising children to impact the world for generations to come!

Rachel Malcolm lives in the bush with her husband and five children. She enjoys gardening, photography, homeschooling her precious blessings and blogging about the journey. She is blessed to be able to work at home where she can encourage her husband and nurture and nourish her family. She is passionate about God and desire’s to encourage and bless other moms in their homeschooling adventure. You can find Rachel at her blog Cherishing The Moment and on Twitter @cherishthistime.


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  1. This says it all! Perfectly written. I taught in a preschool and what you have written here is exactly how I approached being a parent; and being a guide and companion to precious children as we all navigated the days of living and learning, each child discovering and growing in their own way, through their experience. As a mother, and an educator I was thrilled each day watching children sharing joy, and the discovery of their world and life.

  2. Very well written, so inspiring. You’re vision summary is exactly my own. I will never ever understand women who choose to love being at the workplace more than they love being home with their families. I just can’t even imagine not being here for my children, and I can’t imagine allowing someone else to raise them up. Family and children are the greatest blessing ever given to mankind. Thank you for the article, I love it!
    from a fellow-homeschooling mommy,

  3. Your daughter to the right of the tree in this picture reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder on “The Little House on the Prairie”. LOVE IT!!

  4. Thanks for reading ladies! This community is a great encouragement to me and I feel so blessed to be able to share in this way. Wishing you all joy for the journey!

  5. When I tell mom’s homeschool I have had more than one mom say, “I could never do that my child is ……, or I am to ……..” It has always amazed me that they would say that! I always want to say , ” so you send your ………….. kid to torcher a teacher.” I know there is a multitude of reasons people have to put their kids in day care and public school and I am so glad that I do not have to right now, hopefully I will always be able to be with my kids. I do wish you could whisper your wise thoughts in my ear weekly, however! I need to have that inspiration around the fourth load of laundry and math time. I seem to forget sometimes that I am blessed.

  6. Though you and I belong to two completely different world ; I have recently started to homeschool my kids and I feel 100% what you have stated in your article. You spoke my heart and I just took/stole your vision and posted on my FB page 😀

    May Allah give you more strength and courage and your children make you proud every day (ameen).

    Good work !

  7. I loved this post. I agree with what you’ve said. i posted some time ago on my blog about the question of women “wasting their talents”…like you i’ve discovered that I use my talents more as a homeschool mom than if I were working for some big corporation. I’m so thankful for the opportunity!! It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. 🙂

  8. Amen!You are so articulate and inspiring in this article. Thank you for sharing. I couldn’t agree more. Reading this has been very encouraging as my kids and I begin another year of our home schooling adventure (who am I kidding? The adventure never really ends.)!

  9. Such sweet words of truth. When I get discouraged, I too remember my vision, my goals for homeschooling these kids. It gives me confidence to keep going.
    Shared on Twitter.

  10. “Raising children intentionally” is lost on so many people today. Thank you for this article. It was a blessing!

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