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I have become incredibly aware that my initial assessment of me as just a teacher is really all too incomplete when it comes to my role as a homeschooling mom.While yes, in theory, it is true that I am the teacher of Marvin Ward Christian Academy, the truth of the matter is that I really am a full time student as well.  So here are some thoughts from the student.

I have to be.

I don’t remember how to diagram a sentence.

Algebraic equations? Nope.

All of the states, their capitals, and locations? Not hardly.

The wingspan of a bald eagle (average of 5.9 to 7.5 ft), Venn Diagrams, and spelling rules had all been buried in the deep dark abyss that is my brain.


There is so much that I don’t know. So much I don’t remember from my grade school days and have to relearn. {With the exception of helping verbs. You should have seen my kids eyes when I busted those out in 10 seconds flat from memory. It impressed them beyond belief during my first year of teaching and solidified my argument that everything you learn in school really IS valid, even if only to impress your children one day }.

But perhaps, and even more importantly, I know: The learning styles of each of my children, how they tackle work that is too difficult, study habits, oral presentations, the lightbulb that metaphorically appears when they finally get it, and the beaming pride in her eyes because she. can. read.

That is what I am a student of first and foremost.


Each of my students. All four of them.

I love the level that I know my kids. It runs deep. There is another side that you get to experience as a homeschool mama. We do life together. All of it. The good, bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. TOGETHER.

The better student of them that I am, the better teacher I will be. I love my job.

On the days that it all seems too much, I really try to remember what a gift, what a privilege, we have in homeschooling.

I’ve come a long way in the four years that I have been at this. I can tell you what a lap book is, a workbox system, the components of a comprehensive Language Arts program, and more. I have studied hard. I know about educational philosophies, methods, learning styles, organizational tips, classroom behavior management, and so much more. My children have watched it all. They have watched ME learn and I love that. I. love. that.


What an example to them, right?

God calls us to something new. We learn. We are stretched. We grow. We fall down. We get messy. We get up and are stronger for it.

I have many moments during our days that I would like to just erase and forget they ever happened. They are all part of life, but not my favorite, ya know? However, you know those moments that come along, many times just in the nick of time, and save our pride and dignity and reinstate our faith in ourselves? The teacher moments ~ where you bust out some lesson, or maneuver to tackle a behavior issue and the heavenly chorus starts singing because you just nailed it somehow?

I had one of those the other day. I actually thought to myself, “Wow, I feel like a teacher.” I was snapped back to reality when my thirteen year old blurts out, “Mom, I really miss the days that you didn’t’ know what you were doing.”!!! Confirmation. I’m doing something right.


Love. my. students.

Precious times in my life.

Study your children. I will continue to strive to study mine.

They are so very worthy of our everything.

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    1. Heidi! It does, huh! Glad no one told me that before I started :). Seriously it is a blast to learn along with them!
      Have a great Thursday!

  1. I love this post so very much!! It IS so special to learn alongside my children… what a bond it creates!!
    And yes, we ARE so privileged to have this opportunity. It is truly a blessing!! 🙂 Enjoy!!

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