You Can Be Modest and Fashionable

Between myself and my 4 older girls, we have many discussions about clothes. Wearing them, buying them, cleaning them, storing them….it’s not easy being a modest and fashionable girl!

You can be modest and fashionable!

We are very careful to be modest in our appearance. We have developed a personal set of simple standards that we follow, and let me tell you, it can be rough finding clothes that fit those standards. Clothing options today are tight fitting, low cut and short-short-short. Sometimes we can modify a piece, sometimes we just skip it and keep looking.

We have built our wardrobes to make it easy to add in a trendy piece and still be discreetly covered. Longer skirts, scarves and camisoles can all help be modest and fashionable.

I have a collection of t-shirts that I can wear under lower cut tops to cover, well, you know. Like in this picture….the black t-shirt makes the silver shirt wearable.

You can be modest and fashionable!

And to make the budget work, I wear the same things over and over in different ways. Like that silver top, here it is again with a red tank and a different skirt.

You can be modest and fashionable!

Speaking of budgets, you really only need one or two trendy pieces to mix with what you already have to stay in style. I like to try to have one thing that’s a hot color for the season and one that’s a fun shape. Stores like Target and Old Navy are inexpensive and great for finding current pieces.

This lace overlay skirt is so cute and fun, and I can wear it a ton of different ways (and that black t-shirt is the same one I am wearing in the top picture!).

You can be modest and fashionable!

As you can see, I do love my accessories. They are a fabulous way to stay with the current styles, and my girls and I can share them no matter what size we are!

Once you have a set of standards, it’s pretty easy to find ways to stick with them and still look current. People think being modest means frumpy and out-dated. But au contraire, mon fraire.

Who knows…..maybe modest and fashionable is the next big thing!

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  1. I understand how difficult it is to find appropriate clothing for girls. We like the longer shorts (Bermuda length) and they are not easy to find. Sometimes we just buy long pants and cut them to the length we like, rather than looking all over creation for a longer length. (which we certainly have done)
    I wish I could find board shorts for my girl that weren’t too short.

    I am constantly on the look-out for modest, but cute and trendy clothing for my youngest daughter. It was the same when my oldest daughter was growing up too. It can get rather frustrating, but I refuse to buy the immodest choices that are everywhere. Besides, my girl would not be comfortable wearing them anyway.

    Thank you for your post.

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