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Maestro Classics CD Review


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When the opportunity came to review Peter and the Wolf by Maestro Classics, I jumped at the chance!  I have fond memories sitting on the floor at my grandmom’s house and listening to Peter and the Wolf on the record player.  I am excited to say that my kids now have the chance to listen to the beloved musical story.

The CD begins with the introduction to the story, as well as the introduction of musical instruments representing each of the characters. If you have never heard the story of Peter and the Wolf, it is the exciting tale of Peter and his animal friends who one day encounter a wolf in the woods and decide to capture it and take it to the zoo.  I thought the narration of the story was well executed, and the mix of music and narration kept the attention of both my kids and myself.  Did I mention that the music for the story is performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra?  How awesome is that?  I love that not only do the kids get to experience the story, but they also get the exposure of the beautiful music of the orchestra.  An added benefit is that since the characters of the story are represented by different instruments, the kids will also begin to learn the distinction of sounds.

The CD also includes a few extras such as a 6 minute narration track about Prokofiev, the composer of Peter and the Wolf, a track about the music, and an instrumental version.  The instrumental version would be a great thing to have playing as background music.

Each CD comes with a 24 page booklet that is full of information about the composer as well as fun activities/puzzles that go along with the story, and more.  Be sure not to miss the great resources that they have available on their website as well.  They even have a free section of homeschool music curriculum guides for some of the CDs!  Let me mention here that I don’t mean a few questions related to the CD, they have actually essentially made well rounded unit studies for many of the cds!

In my opinion, the Maestro Classics series is a great resource for any homeschool.  Samples of each story are available on their website, and if you are anything like me, you will quickly have a list of which CDs you want to order next.  The stories can be bought directly from their website in either CD or as a downloadable MP3, which includes the activity booklet in PDF format.
I hope that you love them as much as we have!  The kids already cannot wait to buy the next one on our list!

You can also follow Maestro Classics on facebook & twitter.

Jules lives in southeast Virginia with her amazing husband and 2 awesome children. She is a Christian, and loves her camera, coffee, and her Macbook. She and her family can frequently be found at their favorite place, Williamsburg, Va. Jules can also be found blogging at Mommy Ramblings.





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  1. I would love to have this cd… our homeschool is very limited, so I thank you for the chance to win this beautiful classic. I know my children would enjoy learning about Peter and the Wolf and the composer who wrote it.

  2. We would so love to win this … Maestro Classics are wonderful. We haven’t yet explored this story or the composer so it would be a great addition to our curriculum.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful resource! I, too, recall listening to Peter and the Wolf as a child, and I would Love to be able to expose my own children to the wonder of storytelling through music with this version of the tale.

  4. I would love to win this for my kids! The looks on their faces when they are enthralled in a story…and with music education to boot! It’s awesome all around! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I would love to be able to experience this product I have been thinking of buying from this company and this would be a great opportunity to see if it is as wonderful as I believe it to be. THanks for the opportunity to enter to win.

  6. I’d like to win because when I was little this music always made me skip, and I think it would do the same for my little ones!

  7. I would love to win this. Our daughter has a lot of doctors appointments and school happens a lot on the go. This would be perfect!

  8. I would love to win this for my son! He has a very strong love of music, and I’m sure would benefit from this greatly!!

  9. I am trying to introduce beautiful music to my children, and I’ve heard that Peter and the Wolf is a wonderful way to start! With boys, I imagine this would be an interesting “story” for them.

  10. We love classical and a wonderful classic story too! All six of mine would love to hear this tale with the orchestra.

  11. We have started to study music this year. This would be a great way to introduce more great music to my kids!

  12. I am a music lady! I am always looking for ways to incorporate music into our homeschool experiences. This would be a most wonderful addition to our curriculum! I’m so excited about this! I am crossing my fingers to win!!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity. 😀

  13. Who wouldn’t love to win??? I’m not in the the catagory of winning much, but I like many others love to win. I’ve come down to the point if I was told< "You just won a book on 1001 ways on how to use duct tape" I'd do a happy dance. If I am lucky enough to be chosen to win, I'll attempt a happy dance( I'm not a good dancer). But If it's someone else who wins, please do a happy dance for me!!!!! Good Luck to all!!!

  14. I have been wanting to incorporate more classical music into our homeschool days… this series seems AMAZING! Our school supply fund has been low lately, so we haven’t been able to purchase any non-essentials, but this would be such a wonderful addition!
    Thank you!

  15. We would like very much to add this to our curriculum. If we win, it will be put to good use for multiple children. My family loves anything that’s fun to learn. This prize will also help enhance our style of learning, since we’ve never done anything like this. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to win.

  16. My kids love to listen to audio books…I’m certain they would enjoy this. I would love to add this to our homeschool.

  17. I remember listening to this as a child, as well, and I think my kids would love it..not to mention it sounds like a great way to start introducing instruments.

  18. Music fills our home!! You never know what will be played and listened to. This Peter and the Wolf cd would add to our growing appreciation of classical music. Thank you!

  19. I remember listening to this on a record at my Gramma’s house when I was little. What a treat to be able to share it with my kiddos!

  20. I would love to win this book to read and allow my girls to listen too. I love that there are activities included!

  21. My little one would LOVE this. He loves music, and I’d like to share this story with him.

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