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Yellow House Book Rental

Do the prices of homeschool curriculum get you down?
Is it difficult to stay in budget year after year?

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With so many homeschoolers on a limited budget, this seems like such a great option. The website offers information on how it works and what products are offered. The best part is, Yellow House Book Rental is a family business that is run by a homeschooling family!

Yellow House Book Rental is primarily a homeschool curriculum book rental service, although, we give you the options to purchase many of the items as well. We offer a variety of services: Rent, Rent-to-Own, Purchase new or used, and you can sell back many items that you purchase through us. You can compare each option, all at the same location, and decide which is best for you. We know that curriculum can be very costly and we want to help you in your homeschooling journey by providing you with other options that may fit your needs and help reduce the cost of curriculum. Choosing the right curriculum is important. We want to be here to help you with the process. Our mission is to serve the Lord through serving you! Get more information by visiting Yellow House Book Rental.

Renting from Yellow House Book Rental is a win-win situation!!

Rent, Use, Return, no hassles.

SEVEN Reasons to Rent Curriculum from
Yellow House Book Rental

1. You want to save money. Rent at less than half the cost of purchasing. Teacher’s books, are especially ideal for renting. If you are worried about the condition of the book, after being a part of your homeschool year, think of this. You, not the children, are the one that will be using the teacher books. They are not books that will be written in. Teacher books and answer keys are usually the most expensive books to purchase.

2. You want to try a new curriculum. How often do you wish you could try a curriculum without having to pay for the whole set and then deciding you don’t like it? You can try out our curriculum by renting it. If you decide it is a good fit for you and your children, you have two choices: you can return the rented material after the year’s use, or you may choose to purchase it. (The purchase price will be the cost of the book, minus the rental fee that you have already paid. You win either way!!)

3. You have children of various ages. Renting from us will ensure that you always have the latest teacher’s edition and/or teachers key. If you have two or more children, with several years between their ages, by the time you buy the youngest child’s consumable book, the teacher’s key you purchased could be out of date.

4. You like money back guarantees. We allow you to return your product up to 21 days after purchase if you are not satisfied. You can choose to receive 90% credit to your account, or you may get an 80% refund.

5. Reselling your curriculum is not something you enjoy. Rent your text books and teacher’s guides, answer keys, etc. , use them for the year, and return them. (Return shipping is on us!) No resale involved.

6. You don’t have room in your home to store curriculum. Let us take care of that for you. Rent it, then return it.

7. Lots of options! Renting is just one more option, besides purchasing new or used or renting-to-own. You now have many choices available in choosing your curriculum!

You can find out more information by visiting Yellow House Book Rental at their website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Pinterest.

Yellow House Book Rental Giveaway

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