Maximize Your Homeschool Journey with Conventions: The Top Homeschool Conventions to Attend in 2024!

“”Are homeschool conventions still relevant in the highly digitalized, online-driven, AI-prevalent, world of 2024?””

Well, in light of those descriptors (not in spite of them), I’d argue that yes–homeschool conventions are possibly more relevant than ever! Sure, you can Google anything under the Sun, including information about homeschool styles and curriculums. And of course, we all enjoy having so many wonderful resources available online.  However, there’s something very different and special about physical connection–as we homeschool parents know!

What makes homeschool conventions truly valuable is not only the wealth of information they provide, but the power of hands-on learning and community these experiences offer the homeschool family. Homeschool conventions are special events that we don’t get to experience every day, and planning to attend a homeschool convention can be a great way to maximize your homeschool journey!

As homeschool convention season kicks off, here are some ways you can expect to find incredible value in attending your closest homeschool convention. Below, you’ll also find a list of the top homeschool conventions happening in 2024 (listed by state), so get ready to pull out your calendar!

School spirit is motivational, even (sometimes especially) for the homeschool family! We don’t get many opportunities to get together and get excited as a large community, but homeschooling conventions definitely are a place to celebrate this unique education/lifestyle.

If you’re new to homeschooling, attending a homeschool convention could also be a great experience to kick off your homeschool journey. Similarly, homeschool conventions can also be helpful if you’re looking to “refresh” your enthusiasm for homeschooling with a fun, real-life event. Many people also attest that homeschool conventions are a fun, doable way to involve homeschooling dads (or whichever parent is typically less hands-on in the homeschooling process.)

Whichever one of these reasons resonates with you, attending a homeschool convention can simply be an awesome way to feel excited about homeschooling…and that’s pretty important sometimes!

Networking at homeschool conventions is a very real thing! Added to this is the fact that the homeschool world isn’t huge, so those connections tend to stick. Many homeschooling people I know have found friendships, job opportunities, and entire groups of fascinating people that they would never have met outside of a homeschool convention!

At a convention, you get to walk around and talk with people from all kinds of different homeschool journeys. You get to hear about stories that may be a lot like your own (or very different from your own). You get to see some of the cool things that other homeschoolers are into, which may inspire you to bring something new back to those in your local community. You also get to hear from, and meet, speakers who have made a real impact in the homeschool world.

Making connections and networking online is great, but there will always be extra value and excitement in the connections that happen face-to-face. Plus, you don’t always expect the friendships that life will throw your way when you put yourself out there! This aspect of homeschool conventions can be very inspiring and encouraging…and its impact can extend long beyond the convention itself!

This aspect of homeschool conventions can be very inspiring and encouraging…and its impact can extend long beyond the convention itself!

You know when you walk around in a bookstore and you find great reads that you never would have specifically sought out online? That’s part of the beauty of finding curriculums that really speak to you at homeschool conventions.

Most of us order curriculum online most of the time, but imagine being able to literally walk around and compare curriculums by holding them in your hands, flipping through them, and actually talking to the people who helped create them! Imagine being able to talk to other parents right there about what type of learning has worked best for their child, or the pros and cons of different curriculums.

When it comes to choosing a curriculum and learning about homeschool styles, there’s nowhere better than a homeschool convention. Plus, you can often attend workshops, seminars, or even lectures that offer real-life looks at different homeschool philosophies. This is so helpful if you’re not sure how to get started, or if you want a total overhaul on curriculum or your current way of doing things. Because it can be a little overwhelming, I’d suggest creating a goal list (and possibly a curriculum investigation list) before you go!

Pro tip: my mom-in-law, homeschool veteran and homeschool convention enthusiast, recommends going in with a strict cash budget to avoid spending all your money (because you’ll probably want to!).

Just as you’re likely to discover homeschool curriculums that you might have never known about otherwise, there are many other types of surprising information and opportunities to discover at homeschool conventions. Often, you can learn about unique programs in homeschooling (arts or science programs, writing clubs, etc.) that your child might want to be involved in. You can also learn about things like preparing your homeschool documentation for state guidelines or finding good scholarships for homeschool students.

More than just the information, however, you’ll find stories from real people who have been impacted by these kinds of resources and opportunities. Their excitement and experience can be very encouraging and — since they’re representing a resource they believe in —  they will be eager to help you out in any way they can!

The speakers and teachers at these conventions are the same way; you don’t get involved in the homeschool world for any kind of selfish or monetary gain. You do it because you believe in homeschooling and you believe in your kids. This foundation provides a basis for a very caring community that wants to see homeschooling families succeed. Experiencing this on a large scale at a homeschool convention may be just the encouragement you need in your personal journey!  

Whether you are looking to get excited about homeschooling again, find a curriculum that meets your children’s needs, or connect to a larger community, attending your local homeschool convention can maximize your homeschool journey through a variety of meaningful, hands-on experiences (and you know we homeschool parents love a good, meaningful, hands-on experience!)

Attending your local homeschool convention can maximize your homeschool journey through a variety of meaningful, hands-on experiences

Below you’ll find info about the upcoming homeschool conventions in 2024 with links to each Website! Grab that calendar and let’s go!

The Top Homeschool Conventions to Attend in 2024 (Listed by State!)

Alberta (AB)/CANADA

Alaska (AK)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Florida (FL)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maine (ME)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

  • MACHE – Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
    • Cities: St. Paul / Rochester / Duluth / Arden Hills
    • Date: May 17, 2024

Missouri (MO)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE)

New Mexico (NM)

Ohio (OH)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Virginia (VA)

Are you a homeschool convention attendee? Why do you love them? Which convention will we see you at this year?

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