HHM Favorite Posts and This Week’s Linky Party (11/12/2013)

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Favs from last week:

Did you see these posts? We loved them! Here’s a few of our favorites from last week:

Liz (She writes at Watch Me Homeschool) was thrilled to see a Jesse Tree Tutorial linked up!  “I’d been seeing it talked about on Facebook all week and I had no idea what it was!”


Taryn (Follow her at Hazy Days Blog) giggled and could relate to The Giles Frontier:  Camping Ideas Vs. Reality, having taken 4 kids camping herself that perception v. reality can seem poles apart!


Leann (Follow her at Hands On Homeschooler) liked How to Use Multisensory Teaching in Your Homeschool because, “My son is not a workbook kid, and he needs those ‘hands-on’ interactions to make the learning stick. This post had a lot of great ideas that I hadn’t thought of.”


Sarah (Check out her blog, My Joy Filled Life) was motivated when she read The Healthy and Fit Homeschool Mom’s Workout Plan because she needs a starting point to start working out herself!


Trish (find her blogging at Live and Learn Farm) enjoyed Navigating By Joy’s St. Basil’s post.  Trish adds, “I’ve always been fascinated by St Basils’ Cathedral, the shapes and vivid colors seem so out of place there in Russia. I love how this mom introduced the history of Russia and incorporated drawing and coloring the cathedral as part of their study. And her children’s artwork is fantastic!”


Stacy (Follow her atStacy Makes Cents) made sure to ‘pin’ Intentional By Grace’s How to Fight the Flu Natrually post. Stacy says, “During this time of year and going through the cold months, I like to have this type of natural medicine in my arsenal. It’s good to be prepared beforehand, otherwise you get sick and then you can’t figure out how to use Pinterest in your sick-stupor.”


Wendy (Find her at Homeschooling Blessings) loved Homeschool With Love’s The Draw My Picture Game because “This drawing game is perfect for all ages from littles to teens! And it can be used to help with listening skills or practicing a foreign language. Love it!”


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