Girls of American History

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Girls of American History

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Girls of American History was created to be used with the popular American Girl historical, fictional series. Each unit in Girls of American History is meant to last six weeks. Of course you can lengthen or shorten this based on what works for your family.

Each unit will include a suggested weekly schedule, list of required and suggested books, craft resources, field trip ideas and suggestions, party and meal ideas, templates, and other resources. This guide is meant to add depth, interest, interaction, crafts, and a historical perspective into a particular time period.

Twelve units are available, which can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

Units available are: Nez Perce - Kaya, American Revolutionary - Felicity, South Western - Josefina, Pioneer Times - Kristen, Civil War - Addy, Industrial Revolution - Samantha, The Great Depression - Kit, World War II - Molly, War of 1812 - Caroline, New Orleans in the 1850's - Marie-Grace and Cecile, New York Life in 1914 - Rebecca, Growing Up in the USA in 1974 - Julie

Girls of American History

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American Girl Dolls are a relatively new addition to our family. I used two of the studies last year with my oldest girl. We used the studies for Kaya and Samantha. I was pleased with the studies and the amazing resources that came with it. I was able to scroll through and choose the activities and books I thought were appropriate for her age. I have purchased three more studies and I will be including my other two daughters this fall when we start school.
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Easy to follow, many resources given
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We have used it as an add on to our curriculum and for scout programs about historical skills and time periods. Super resource for ideas and activities.
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Highly engaging because my girls love their dolls and stories.
We use it as an additional curriculum on top of our classical box program. So their is so much to puck from. We can't do it all.
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Would recommend for boys and girls. Students and scouts learning historical skills.
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