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Did you ever want to break free of traditional teaching approaches but worry that you wouldn’t do it right? Help is here. More than a curriculum, the Trail Guide to Learning series teaches you HOW to teach. Taken from the heart of Dr. Ruth Beechick’s philosphy and personal mentoring, this curriculum not only guides you in what to teach, but how to make the most of these precious homeschooling years. Worry no more. The Trail Guide to Learning series.

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GeoMatters (Geography Matters, Inc) focuses on helping you move from a checklist to meaningful learning! Homeschooling offers the possibility to educate in a way that is lasting and meaningful. We don’t have to see it as a list of tasks to be completed. We can see it as the opportunity it is… to learn through meaningful discussions, experiences, deep understanding, and the building of relationships.  Instead of that checklist, GeoMatters creates curriculum that will help you focus on the natural approach to learning founded on the desire to follow your child’s developmentally appropriate timetable. This approach is based on proven educational principles from Dr. Ruth Beechick, Charlotte Mason, Dr. Benjamin Bloom, and others. Natural learning does not mean learning without goals or structure. It means learning is customized, multi-sensory, and engaging.

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