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This week we are sharing freebies related to engineering! Each week we will focus on a new theme. Look for theme-related posts on our site and social media too.

What if you’re not interested in a particular week’s freebie topic? No problem! Click here to find freebies related to other topics! We may also have some non-theme-related freebies at the bottom of each week’s Freebie Friday post, so be sure to scroll all the way down to look for them.

HHM Freebie Friday Engineering February 2016


NOTE: The freebies may only be free for the week after publication, so be sure to grab them while you can. And please help us get the word out about this new series by sharing with your homeschool friends as well! (Please share the link to the Freebie Friday post–not to individual freebies. Thank you!)

{What are they? What do they do? How do they help? Where do we find them?}
Retail value: $3.00
Slide0012Simple Machines Notebooking Pages & Matchbooks
This set includes a cover page and notebooking pages for lever, wheel & axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge and screw. There are also matchbooks – with and without topics.
science-experiments-pinEdible Science Experiments for Kids
This post is about the most fun topic you can ever learn about: edible science! Here, I will show you edible science experiments for kids.
STEM-Challenge-Sampler-Pack-cover-and-thumbs-1STEM Challenges and STEM Sticks Sampler
This printable includes one STEM challenge with vocabulary words and STEM sticks to get you started at a STEM station.
buttons1I Love Science/Math Motivational Buttons
This is a set of fun buttons intended to encourage young scientists in their pursuit of math and science.
Rover-lessonSTEM-Tastic Rovers: Edible Engineering
Engineer a STEM-tastic Rover.
“The Little Engine that Could” is a great story. But we think the story of the Mars Spirit Rover is a better one for the 21st Century! Landing in January of 2004, it kept going until 2010. That’s an awesome example of perseverance and so we wanted an engineering activity to go with it. Using items from the snack aisle and a few other easy to find materials, have your students engineer a rover model.
Free-Printable-Dragon-Coloring-PagesFree Dragon Color & Read Worksheets
Your little readers will have fun working on their reading skills with these Free Dragon Color & Read Worksheets from Sight and Sound Reading!
HumanBodyFree Human Body Printables for Kids
Learning about the human body is fun with these Free Human Body Printables for Kids from Living Life and Learning!
BuildaSnowmanFree Do You Want to Build a Snowman Printable
Sight and Sound Reading has a Free Do You Want to Build a Snowman Printable that your little ones will enjoy using during your wintertime homeschooling!
GeorgeWashingtonThe story of George Washington
George Washington has been called the Father of our Country. He was a giant of a man whose wisdom, courage, skill, and godliness made America’s birth possible. His life story reads like an adventure novel because of the many dangerous and exciting experiences he lived through. Great for ages 4-14.
Retail value: $2
KindergartenHomeschoolScheduleFree Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule Printable
If you’re trying to find a schedule that works for your Kindergartner, check out this Free Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule Printable from Living Life and Learning!


HHM Freebie Friday Engineering Pinnable Image February 2016


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