Fort Magic Review and Giveaway!

If you’ve never heard of Fort Magic, you’re in for a treat! Fort Magic is a wonderful project/toy for encouraging thinking skills, creative play, and imagination! It’s a kit with pieces that fit together in various ways to make all sorts of forts. It’s also possible to make cars, boats, and other vehicles. The kit comes with over 350 pieces, a well-made laminated instruction and building book, a huge and sturdy black tote in which to store the pieces, and clips to hold sheets, blankets, and fabric onto the frame. (Sheets and fabric do not come with the kit. You can simply use whatever sheets, blankets, etc. you have around the house.) All 4 reviewers absolutely loved Fort Magic, and we think you will too!

The kit includes:

  • 165 Straight and Curved Sticks in seven different sizes
  • 87 Connector pieces in five varieties of shapes and sizes
  • 130 easy-t0-use Fabric and Accessory Clips
  • A full color Instruction Manual with over 20 designs to build
  • A high quality Storage Bag
  • A 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • A full Manufacturing Warranty on all parts

NOTE: It’s important to note that this toy is not a climbing structure, and children should be supervised at all times!

Fun With Fort Magic

Do you have young children who love to build forts and use their imaginations? Fort Magic is wonderful for little ones!

Every child, past, present, and future, would love Fort Magic.  This is the ultimate in fort building.  This is the ultimate in construction toys.  This is the ultimate in play adventures and imagination.  I wish I’d had it when I was younger.  Forts provide hours of creative and imaginative play for children.  Sure, couches and chairs “work,” but this stays together and won’t cramp a parent’s style/desire for her living room furniture to stay together in one piece.


When we received the big cardboard box from Fort Magic, I couldn’t wait to tear it open.  And when I did, boy, was my son ecstatic!  He couldn’t believe his eyes! Fort Magic has thought of everything. The only thing we needed in addition to what came in the kit was sheets or blankets.  We opened up the package, and it didn’t seem as overwhelming as I’d anticipated.  We started building immediately.  You could make a simple 3-D square structure or begin building any number of the forts, ships, castles, etc.  Amazing adventures ahead for this little boy….

9PicMonkey Collage.jpg-001

We started out with making a massive Fort Magic boat in our living room.  Affectionately named “Bucky,” (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates), my son’s ship was the first thing he thought about in the morning and the last thing he thought about before bed.  We even caught him (twice!) in the middle of the night, “I’m fixin’ and workin’ on my ship, Mom!”  He kept making the structure bigger and better. We initially put a big blue fleece blanket on our ship, and he kept adding more fabric with the provided clips.  The provided fabric clips make your fort into a beautiful masterpiece — they clip to the tubes to hold your fabric in place — these are genius —  making playtime easy and tear-free because the fabric doesn’t move! He also added a rotor, a flag, more steering wheels, a compass, a telescope–you name it.  He kept building and building.     This toy has fostered an immense amount of creativity and patience for my young son.  He is so excited to keep working on his ship.

PicMonkey Collage8.jpg

And when “Bucky the Ship” had to go bye-bye–namely, we didn’t want it in our living room anymore–so we moved a smaller version into his bedroom, he was devastated for about one minute, but then he quickly realized he could build another “even cooler!” ship! We brought the whole Fort Magic set, conveniently with the included tote-bag, to Grandma’s house, where she made another ship for my son.  She loves this construction toy and will probably end up buying one of her own because she’s trying to steal it from me!  Here she is in the ship with her grandchildren!  (The next day, she built a van for the next day of imaginative play!)

PicMonkey Collage6.jpg

The Fort Magic website is also an amazing wealth of knowledge.  There are videos and tips on how to build many creations and attach fabric to make forts look just like the pictures. While my son does need help from his parents (or grandparents!) to build now, I know that in future years he will be able to construct masterpieces all on his own.

Do you have middle schoolers? Ellen does, and she found that this product was great for her daughter!

As a homeschool blogger and curriculum reviewer, sometimes we get so inundated with requests to review products that we have to make tough decisions as to when to say “yes” and when to politely decline.  Reviewing is no fun if you weigh your family down with too much…it takes the joy out of something that can be a blessing when it’s the right product.  Fort Magic was absolutely  a NO BRAINER!  My daughter jumped at the opportunity to review this creative toy!  She and her friends are constantly creating things out of nothing, making the most imaginative games!  This was an absolute perfect fit!

Fun With Fort Magic ~ A Review

We were impressed with Fort Magic right from the start!  And we most certainly were not the only ones…read what many Fort Magic customers have to say about this innovative product for children!    And not only is Fort Magic lots of fun, Fort Magic is also an educational tool!  The experience my daughter is gaining from assembling both the suggested designs as well as her own is helping her learn even more about following directions, using her critical thinking skills, and making her a better problem solver!

To begin with, the directions were specific and clear enough for my daughter and her friend (ages almost 10 and 11) to work independently with no assistance from myself or my husband.

Fun with Fort Magic!  Very clear and easy instructions

The first thing they did was unpack this awesome new toy and get the pieces all organized by type, which made it easy once they were ready to being construction!

Fort Magic ~ figuring it all out!

After getting everything out of the box and sorting through it, they set up Fort Magic “Command Central” up on our pool table in the game room.

Fort Magic Command Central

From there, they went through the book to choose a design.  They had 16 designs to pick from, in a range of sizes…small, medium and large.   They selected the Fort Magic Mansion…’cause of course every little girl needs one of those, don’t they?

Build a mansion with Fort Magic!

Having organized everything on the pool table made it very easy for them to find what they needed to construct their mansion.  I heard several “Oh no!  We built that part wrong!” from upstairs, but never with any annoyance!  They were having so much fun that it didn’t even frustrate them when they had to start a section over.

Fort Magic Mansion in progress!

Alas, the mansion was almost complete when they decided it was not big enough for what they were trying to accomplish…which, of course, was to build something large enough that they could possibly sleep in it if they wanted  to.  So they did what any good homeschoolers would do….they improvised and came up with their OWN design!  Then they raided all of my linen closets for sheets and blankets to cover their creation with.  You can put anything your heart desires on your forts, but for those that want a little help in this department,  you can visit the World of Fort Magic for tips on using all types of materials for covers.  In addition, some of the covers you see represented on their site will available for purchase soon.  They also have a place on the website to teach your kiddos how to be safe with Fort Magic and use the product appropriately!

Fort Magic ~ Homeschoolers gone rogue!

Next up it was time for Zoe and her Daddy to have some Fort Magic fun!  He had been intrigued from the day it arrived in our home, so getting him to join her on a build was an easy sell.  They selected the Fort Magic Castle to build.  Now…it is worth noting that my husband designs and builds homes for a living.  Therefore, I was holding my breath to see how much of this he was going to let her do vs. trying to take the project over  completely!

Building a Fort Magic Castle with Daddy!

However, all went well, and in harmony they put together a pretty sweet little castle, topped with a flag representing the two of them.

Fort Magic Castle

Overall, this cool new toy gets two-thumbs up from this family!  And don’t just take my word for it!  Check out all the 5 star reviews on Amazon!

Both boys and girls–older and younger–have a great time working together with Fort Magic! 

Who ever knew that sticks and connectors could create so much fun? Thanks to Fort Magic, it is possible.


This construction overtook my living room for one week, until the children broke it down…


Only to build yet another construction that stayed up for another week.


And it all started with the delivery of a box. The newly built creations that took up space in my living room; stirred the imaginations of my children; created hours of fun; made playing with sticks and connectors exciting; and turned an often “no mommy” into a “yes mommy.”


Fort Magic is targeted towards children 5 1/2 years old and up and will provide many hours (and years) of fun for any child.


The first fort/house they built had windows and a movable door that managed to stay pretty much intact–even with all of the opening and closing.


On the next project, they got a little more creative and made a structure that was large enough for all three of them to sleep in, which they did for two nights. Some of the other creations my children made were a table and my two boys could not allow their creativity to pass up making a sword and a gun (bullet free and more for design purposes) with the pieces. They used blankets and I think almost all of my spare linen to cover their creations. One of their father’s old shirts was found covering part of the construction too. Imaginations were flowing throughout the entire construction experience.

One thing that was really surprising to me is the durability of the pieces. My children are not necessarily rough, but at times during construction, there was a lot of bending and snapping going on. After all they have built over the past few weeks, we still have all 382 pieces intact (nothing broken that had to be thrown away) and are ready to take on the next construction project. I can see my children taking this one outside as the weather improves. Because of that, I truly wish that spare parts or additional pieces were available to purchase for my three little minds that I know will continue to think to build “as big as their imaginations,” which will definitely be larger due to more space. Fort Magic, especially since it has been so cold, brought a lot of fun into our home over the past few weeks. On those hot summer days, I can see it doing the same thing when my children retreat indoors and are looking for something really fun to do. Are you looking for indoor/outdoor fun that will keep your child entertained for hours? Try Fort Magic.

Even tweens and teens love to build forts!

Fort building is a beloved activity in our house! The kids (3, 4, 7, & 11) constantly pull all of the cushions off the sofa and loveseat, stack them into little forts, and cover them with blankets. Every week they go on new adventures to faraway lands of their imagination. You can imagine the kids’ excitement when the Fort Magic Kit arrived!


I kept this review item a secret from the kids until it arrived. Once they saw the Fort Magic box, they ran around the house giddy as could be! They were almost too excited to open the box. The colorful, rectangle package enticed them with photos of the many forts they could build. Space ships, boats, pirate ships, submarines, cottages, airplanes, and many other forts from small to large could be built with just one kit.

This is a massive building kit! We were seriously impressed as soon as we opened the Fort Magic box!  Endless more designs can be thought up with the handy building pieces. It was so easy for the kids to dive in and start building a fort. The only difficulty was determining which fort they wanted to build first. After some cooperative deliberation, the kids decided to build the humongous Mansion which functioned as their castle fort.


The instructions were very simple to follow with full-color pictures. It took about thirty minutes to build the large Mansion as several of the kids assisted in the building process. We were completely surprised that this fort entirely took up our 5×7 rug and almost touched the ceiling. We used tablecloths and blankets to hang on the fort. It was a huge fort (6 feet tall!) and all four kids had plenty of space to play. They each built their own room inside the fort! The Mansion took up our living room for almost a week and they played for hours each day.

Fort Magic was such a positive reinforcement for our daily academic work. The kids eagerly worked on their assignments so they could have plenty of play time to enjoy the fort. We are in the midst of a medieval study in history and the castle fort was a perfect backdrop for their studies in the period. The kids spent time reading books inside the castle fort. They re-enacted medieval dramas. They tried to use the extra fort pieces as swords until I advised them on safety issues. My niece (3 years) even insisted on taking her daily naps inside of the castle fort. Best yet, screen time was significantly reduced as they did not even want to use free time playing on the iPad. Who needs a digital device when you can choose playing in a 6 foot tall castle fort?


So far, the kids have built mansions, castles, pirate ships, teepees, and their own unique forts. They have hosted their friends over for creative play dates. They are counting down the days to warmer spring weather so they can take Fort Magic outdoors to build their own nature forts. Fort Magic is a great deal of fun and it is educational! A Few Educational Benefits of Fort Magic:

  • Offers hands-on, creative play
  • Stimulates tactile learning
  • Increases spatial awareness and abilities
  • Fosters cooperative play
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Encourages imagination
  • Step-by-step instructions for forts
  • Flexibility for spontaneous builds
  • Multi-age participation
  • Fun for boys and girls
  • Individual or group activity
  • Indoor or outdoor projects


Fort Magic is a delightful toy that brings out the natural creativity in children of all ages. It provides hours upon hours of creative play. Fort Magic offered plenty of imaginative forts they could all work on and enjoy together. Fort Magic is certainly at the top of the list of all of the reviews we have tried out. It is now a huge family favorite!

Buy it!

You can buy your Fort Magic kit here.

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