Crazy?  Not really. 🙂

…full of love, compassion, tenderhearted and darn right odd!  Yup, that’s how I would describe myself.

I’m a city girl turned country girl.  A Mustang sports car lover turned “let’s find a SUV that fits all of us” mama. I was K-12 privately schooled girl, public college educated young lady and now homeschool teacher to 5 children. Yup, that definitely makes me odd. Now for me to be crazy I’d have to add; love to stay home, homeschool 5 children, love to bake, scrapbook, crochet and spend time with my kids and husband…..oops! Guess I’m crazy!! Who does those kinds of things these days?? Not many. Just the ones that have the will power to stand out in a crowd. and boy do I stick out!!

In high school did I ever think I would homeschool my kids? Didn’t even think about it! Didn’t even know anyone who was homeschooled. Probably would have called you crazy! Did I change my opinion once I went to college?? Absolutely! I decided then and there that I needed my children’s eyes opened to the many views on the world that I never got. Sure I want to protect my children from worldly views. But I also want them to not feel shell shocked once they get on their own. Feeling naive and wanting to experience more that they should.

As much as people don’t agree, homeschooling is not crazy nor even for crazy people. Homeschooling is just a word that I really think means, opportunities! So many benefits to homeschooling! I don’t need to see my kids be 7 and act 15. They can be who they are and act their age. Play with dolls and pretend to be super heroes till their 12+ years old. We don’t need to take vacations because everyone says that’s your time to go. We can take time out of our school week to actually get hands on learning, with museums, zoos, libraries, talk with actual people that have lived and been thru different time periods or historical events. Get down and dirty with the chickens and feed the horses or go to a mechanic and learn about engines or even learn a sport and play on a team. Sure not every child likes every subject or every learning experience. But yet, that’s the whole point of learning…right??

I don’t want to fight the crowds on the weekends to get what we need to get done before school starts again Monday morning. I don’t want to start school in September…maybe, just maybe (you might want to sit down for this one) I like school all year around or I like to take a huge break in the spring not the summer. Whoa! Here we go into that crazy Homeschool lady mode. LOL!

All in all, I just love being my children’s teacher, nurse, mom, their supporter and life coach. I enjoy seeing them grow from their mistakes and them knowing that I will be right their when they just need a hug. I love that I can change their curriculum so it fits them and their learning needs. I know homeschooling isn’t for everyone. And I know I’m odd and maybe a bit crazy. But we have fun! We learn and are VERY smart.

Homeschooling means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but you can never say, “crazy” until you try it.  I dare you! 😉

I’m a wife to an amazing husband, a mama to 5 adorable children (newborn July 12), a homeschool teacher, and try to be as crafty as possible. Crocheting is my favorite relaxing thing to do. We live in the country, on my husbands centennial family farm, and love every minute of it. My blog will be about our love for God, my family, food, crocheting, farming and much more I’m sure. So I hope you enjoy the probable laughter and excitement of our lives.


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  1. AMEN! I love that you have 5 kids too. We do get called crazy a lot by ppl just for the fact that we have more than 2.5 kids. I love home schooling my 4 with #5 on the way. Something about more family time is so important in raising kids. With my husband’s work schedule, I love that we can school around it so when he is home, we all have fun!
    Thank you for posting.

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Why do we have to be called “Crazy” just because we homeschool. This is our first year and although we have had our ups and downs I wouldn’t have it any other way. We (my husband and I) love to be home spending time with our children.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I am a new homeschool mom and where I live it is not really looked at very highly. In fact, my in-laws are public educators so the fact that we now homeschool is a bit of a shock to them! I have 3 kids of my own, right now I homeschool one, the 2nd will join us next year, and the 3rd in a couple years. Homeschooling is definitely not easy, but all the tough moments are so worth it for that one “I get it!!” moment. I love watching my daughter learn, I love being the one to teach her. I don’t see the point to sending her off with strangers when I can do what they do, possibly better.

  4. This is a great post, thank you so much for sharing. I never thought I would homeschool before I had kids, no I would not have it any other way. I have 3 boys and LOVE being with them, exploring and learning. 🙂

  5. We’re doing it, too! Just “graduated” one last year and have 5th grader now. Like you, I never thought I’d homeschool… I was a long-time academic, ending up becoming a behavioral neuroscience researcher. But things changed, needs arose, and we evolved. Now, I’m balancing career and kiddo (which means Aspergers Syndrome, too!), and it gets tough, I’ll admit, but we seem to handle it… somehow! Fortunately, my work is from home and when I travel to speak, well, that’s when we get our “breaks”. Non-traditional? Why, yes! But who says one size fits all? It doesn’t!
    Great post! Glad I found you on Twitter 😉

    Gigi 😉

  6. I’m with you on that! I stick out in society like a sore thumb too 🙂 For enjoying staying home and raising kids, wanting to homeschool (my toddler is 3 and I have another baby due two days ago), making everything from scratch, and dreaming of moving further into the country. I never even knew about homeschooling when I was in high school and I have my bachelors, but I’m not insisting on using it now. I’m really crazy! 🙂

  7. Crazy, yes. I must say that I love this life. I would say it is not the easiest way to go but it is the best (for me and my family).

  8. Awesome article! They thought I was crazy 20 years ago when I home schooled my kids, they turned out great! I really feel that home school children will help save our country and put it back on track. You are doing a great job I only wish that more parents would see the damage that public school is doing to the next generation.

  9. I am called crazy daily. I live in Belgium and just moved from Italy. I have lived in the Netherlands and Germany as well. The Ex Pat community just doesn’t get it, so yeah, I am solo on my own home schooling three teenagers and one 11 year old. My children are learning who they are, what their purpose is and learning to go against the flow of the “norms of society”. It is not easy, yet the LORD gives and gives what we need. I do not shelter the children from the world, but rather teach them to stand for Jesus as they learn, grow and prepare for college and life away from home. As Christian homeschoolers we must never grow weary (not easy some times), push into the LORD, and teach and raise our children for the glory of the Lord.

    1. You are doing an amazing job! As homeschool moms we need to consistantly uplift and support each other! So many out there don’t understand and they are the ones that will loose out!

      PS……my family is.from the Netherlands and my husbands family is from Germany 🙂 its very cool that you are internationally travelled!

  10. Love it love it love it!!! You go girl!!!! I am a mom of 2. My daughter is 2 and a half and son born in july as well on the 21st 🙂 I am able to quit my full time job and work part time evenings to stay home with the kids during the day and i too want to home school. I am so inspired and encouraged by your blog!!! Do you have family members that give you a hard time?

    1. Why thank you! My little boy was born July 12 🙂 I have many family members that question why we homeschool. But then the kids are so smart that they bite their tongue and don’t say anything 😉 its not always easy but its totally worth it! If you ever have questions don’t hesitate to ask!!

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