History Go Fish and Memory games

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History Go Fish and Memory games

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Learn historical facts while learning about history!

History Go Fish comes in 5 different card decks: Ancient History, Medieval History, American History, Constitution, Bible.

With each game, you can play up to 4 different types of games. Rules for each game are included. Cards and categories for each deck differ. To give you a sample, the list of categories for the medieval cards are:

Architecture; Paintings; Aztecs, Incas, Mayas; Technology; Religion; Warriors; Royal Power; Warfare; People; Arabia; Castles; and Famous Medieval Leaders.

History Memory comes in 2 different sets: Ancient and Medieval.

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Learning through fun. Always a plus.
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I have used the Ancient, Medieval, and American History Go Fish cards. They are a great way to introduce and reinforce facts about many aspects of the history time period in a fun way. They are great for stealth learning. The go fish cards are also great to take along for fun and learning during travel. The only downside is that the amount of information which can be put on a card is limited due to the size.
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