Calling Crunchy Mamas – Natural Deodorant Demo Managers Needed!

Are you looking for ways to earn some extra income? Would you describe yourself as crunchy, or a mama who is very focused on bringing all-natural products in your home? If so, I may have the perfect opportunity for you!!

Looking for a way to augment your family's income? Here is another position with flexible hours that might be a great fit!

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What is Smiley Pits?

Smiley Pits is a safe, all-natural deodorant that has absolutely no toxic chemicals. Smiley Pits is deodorant the entire family can feel great about wearing! Smiley Pits is a fun way for kids of all ages to wear deodorant. It works great on kids and adults alike.  They are an all natural deodorant with none of the toxic chemicals found in drug store brands. Smiley Pits is safe and effective. It goes on smooth and lasts all day long!  Their special essential oil blends are kid approved and less likely to irritate sensitive skin like synthetic fragrances.

Smiley Pits is on its way to making the world a less stinky place, one person at a time.  And, it all started in Kristi Joynt’s kitchen! Kristi is a health conscientious mom, who enjoys making deodorant for her family. One day, she shared her product with good friend and fellow mom, Sara Salter. Sara loved it right away and began using it with her 9 year old lacrosse-playing odoriferous son.  And, the light bulb went off for these ladies: We need to make deodorant for kids. That was the start of Smiley Pits, created by two neurotic moms who love their children.

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The Position

Smiley Pits is offering an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic, motivated, and Smiley Pit wearing individuals. Do you love Smiley Pits, and would you like to earn a few extra bucks while showing off their awesome product in your local Whole Foods? If the answer is yes, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Join the Smiley Pit team as a Demo Manager.


Smiley Pits has opportunities open in Whole Foods in the following locations:

OHIO: Woodmere and Columbus

NEW JERSEY: Princeton

VIRGINIA: Alexandria, Fairfax, and Charlottesville

MARYLAND: Rockville and Annapolis button with click here

Hours and Payment

They require their team members to demo once per month for 3 hours in the store assigned. This has the potential to increase depending on the success of the demos and number of stores in your area. You may pick the date and time. However, Smiley Pits has determined the most successful days are Saturday and Sunday. They provide you with a setup kit and samples, you just bring the table and the tablecloth.

Payment is $50 for the three hour demo plus a bonus if Whole Foods places an order within two weeks after demonstration.

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