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Bible Memorization Resources for Children

Bible memorization and study is one of the most important things we can do for our little ones.  I want my children to love the Word of God!  I love hearing my children recite their verses, without realizing the true treasure that they are hiding in their hearts!  There are so many amazing free Bible memorization resources for preschool and beyond, and here is a compilation of our favorites.

Bible Memorization -- 10+ FREE RESOURCES for children!! Hip Homeschool Moms

This Bible learning can start with learning very simple phrases from the verses.  Then you can grow to larger phrases and verses as children grow older.  We print our cards out, laminate them for durability, and either carry them on a binder ring, or hang them up in a prominent place.  You can carry cards around in your diaper bag or purse, put them up on mirrors, or hang them up in your child’s bedroom.  You can have children write them down for practice, or just the first letter if they are still learning penmanship.   Music is also a very effective way to aid in memorization and recitation for little ones, so I noted where some of the free printables have a CD and music that could go along with the verses.

I hope that these Bible Memorization Resources are a blessing to you and your children!!


Bible Verse Cards for Children

Bible Verses from A to Z {with music}

10 Best Bible Verses for Children

Bible Verses from 1 to 10 {with music}

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Scripture Cards {with music}

ABC Printable Scripture Cards

Weekly Bible Verses for Children

ABC Bible Verse Printable Pack {with music}

ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

Alphabet Bible Cards


Prayer Cards for Children

15 Classical Prayer Cards for Children

31 Prayer Cards for Kids

Prayer Prompt Cards for Kids


And Bible Verse Cards For Moms

20 Scripture Cards for Moms

Setting an Example in our Speech

Encouraging Bible Verse Cards


What do you do in your home to help your children memorize the Bible?

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