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Charla McKinley, the founder and CEO of Beyond Personal Finance, is a homeschool mom and retired CPA who is passionate about financial literacy. To help teach this critical life skill, she wrote a Game of Life meets Dave Ramsey personal finance/consumer math curriculum to teach teens about the high cost of their choices. Charla has taught her course locally in the Raleigh area since 2014 and now has it available online. It is a fun, eye-opening, interactive experience for your teen.

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What will they learn?

As parents, we know the devastating impact of financial illiteracy:  bankruptcy, broken marriages, high stress levels.  Let Charla McKinley help you show your students the financial impact of their choices.  Along the way, your children will cover the following subjects:

  • Budgeting
  • Student Loans and Financial Aid
  • Career Choice and Payroll
  • Car Purchase   
  • Home Purchase and Furnishing
  • Marriage, Children, and Divorce   
  • Investments and Retirement Saving   
  • All Types of Insurance

How will they learn it?

The 20-lesson class is a journey through the student’s “life” from graduation to the mid 40s.  Each lesson, the student will learn a financial truth and apply it by making a choice that will impact their personal budget.  They will see their savings rise and fall based on these choices.

We met Charla at a Great Homeschool Convention this year and fell in love with her class. We think it is perfect for high schoolers!! As a matter of fact, I want my kiddos taking this class!  We are so thankful she joined our giveaway this year to bless homeschool families!

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Beyond Personal Finance

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