5 Ways to Make the First Day of Homeschool Special

Many homeschoolers get back to school in August or September. It’s not too early, though, to start thinking about how to make your children’s back-t0-school experience fun to anticipate and experience! Today I’m sharing some information about my own back-to-school experiences as a child. I’m also sharing some fun ways to make the first day of homeschool something for you and your children to look forward to!

No matter how many years I’ve been homeschooling, when I think of the first day of school, my memory always takes me back to my own experience. I remember things like brand new tennis shoes on my feet, a shiny new Trapper Keeper on my desk, and a stomach absolutely sick with first day jitters.


For me, the first day of school was always a petrifying day.  It was sad enough I had to trade the beautiful freedom of summer for hours of daily confinement, all in the name of “education.”  But the whole thing was made 100 times worse by the miserable uncertainty of that first school day of the year:  Who will my teacher be?  Will she be nice?  What if I don’t know anybody in my class?  Will I be able to make friends?  Who will I have to sit next to?  Where will I sit at lunch?

The wiser teachers recognized all those first day anxieties and made Day 1 about helping students get to know them and one another.  Only the meanest of teachers made us do actual work on the first day. And usually if they did, it was not a good sign of things to come!

But I’m a homeschooling mom now! And this gives me the liberty to make my kids’ first day of school look as much or as little like anything I ever experienced in public school as I desire.  And I love that freedom!

You may prefer to hit the books with your kids from the first day.  If that’s the way you roll, I won’t criticize!  But personally, I like to ease into school a little more and make our first day as fun and as different from everyday school as possible.

If you would like to do the same, here are some ideas for making your first day of school fun and memorable for your kids.  You could do just one of these or do bits and pieces of them all!


Make it a cooking day!

Most kids love getting involved in the kitchen, and it’s a great way to teach them some important life skills.  (Not to mention the math and even science you can sneak in on them while cooking!)  Have all your ingredients on hand and spend your first day of school cooking together.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a given, but you could also make cakes or cookies for neighbors, dinner for a needy friend, or you could utilize that first day for your future good by whipping up some freezer meals for those extra busy homeschooling days you know are sure to come!


Have an arts and crafts day.

Most kids love art and craft projects.  They don’t have to be expensive, complicated, or extra messy for the kids to have fun and learn as they create!  The internet is chock-full of simple art and craft ideas for all ages that won’t bust the budget or leave you with hours’ worth of cleanup.  Buy your supplies and invest in a few materials to protect surfaces and make cleanup easier, like disposable plastic tablecloths, paper towels, newspaper, and paper or styrofoam plates, bowls, and trays.


Take a field trip! 

This is one of my favorite first day of school activities!  Kids are always game for a field trip, and odds are there is a historic site, museum, event, art gallery, or factory within driving distance of your home that would make for a great field trip.  If time or money is limited or your family dynamics make travel a challenge, a scavenger hunt on your own street or even within your own home can make a great alternative.


Have a book day.

Fill your first day of school with books!  Visit a bookstore to look for some reading treasures.  (Used bookstores are one of our favorite places to hunt, and we almost always find books at a steal of a price!)  Of course a visit to the library can yield a stack of books as well–more than you could ever read.  Whatever you find, take it home and then read to your kids like crazy!  Also allow them to read to you, to each other, or on their own if they prefer.  You can even encourage them to create their own books or draw their own illustrations for the books you’re reading to them.


Spend the day serving.

Truly, few things can teach a child more than having compassion and serving others.  Maybe you can spend your first day of school volunteering with your kids at a local soup kitchen, pregnancy center, veterans’ organization, or nursing home.  If not, perhaps you can do yard work for an elderly neighbor, take a meal to a sick relative, or clean house for a tired expectant mom.  It will likely make for a day your children, (and you!) will not soon forget.


Do you hit the books on your first day of homeschool, or do you like to do something fun?  What do you do to make your first day of homeschool special and memorable? Please share your ideas in the comments so others can borrow your great ideas!


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Tanya H

Tanya is a servant to Christ, wife to a great man, and homeschooling mom to four amazing kids in north central Kentucky. She once insisted she would never homeschool, but God wore down her defenses until now, 8 years later, she can’t imagine her life without the added joy of homeschooling. When she isn’t helping with math, folding laundry, or sweeping the remnants of the last school project up off the kitchen floor, you’ll find her tucked away somewhere with a spoonful of cookie butter in hand, typing away on her laptop or crying over a Dickens novel.

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  • To make it special, I take a fist day of school picture of them with their grade signs. They look forward to getting back in our classroom and getting new curriculum, so our first day is a bit more “traditional “ 🙂