4 Words for Homeschooling Middle School

I have just completed 2 rounds of homeschooling middle school and am beginning my 3rd and final trip through the middle school years. Today I would like to share with you 4 Words for Homeschooling Middle School.

4 words for you to remember if you're homeschooling middle school.

4 Words for Homeschooling Middle School

1. Transition

The middle school years are all about transition. It’s a time of moving from the elementary school years to a time of preparing for the high school years. What kinds of transitions should the middle school years include?

  • School work usually moves from being more “fun” work and projects to being more focused and centered subject work.
  • While the number of subjects may not increase significantly (though it could), the depth of the material becomes deeper, and there is more of it.
  • School work usually requires more time each day.

2. Independence

During the elementary years, everything is pretty mom-intensive. The goal by high school is to have a self-sufficient, independent learner who needs you only as a sideline coach and not as a full-time player. For this reason, during the middle school years it is important to help your child develop time management and planning skills.

When you choose curriculum, be sure to keep in mind your child’s learning style and needs. You want to set him or her up for success on the road to becoming a more independent learner.

3. Preparation

Once your child has entered middle school, you then have to start thinking about the high school years.  Preparing for the high school years is a big part of what you will be doing during middle school.  Doing research on things such as transcripts, electives, and college entrance topics is important.

4. Hormones

Let’s face it moms, these are some tough years! Our children are starting to change hormonally, and that can mean big changes both physically and psychologically for boys and girls alike! When my son heard me say this he said, “What do you mean hormones?” I had to laugh out loud because at 14 he is smack in the middle of hormonal!

When we are dealing with our middle school age children, we need to consider what effects puberty hormones are having on their behavior and reactions. Sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate what we are doing and how we are responding to them in order to create a successful learning environment.

As you prepare to make the transition from homeschooling elementary to homeschooling middle school, be sure to cut both your child and yourself some slack. It will take time for both of you to learn and grow into this new phase of homeschooling.

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