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We've been working with our 8 year old twins with their multiplication tables for a few months now. They are good at math so imagine my surprise when they couldn't memorize it. We tried many different things, from simple memorization to videos on youtube of multiplication songs. Still the information was not being retained. My husband and I were quite sure we were the reason they couldn't get it!

Enter Time Tales!

On day one, the review from my boys was a good one. One actually said "I think I can learn them now". They both agreed the story was fun and they actually told me all about it when I got home from work.
Day two I was actually home with them. They were eager and ready to get back to the story. They wanted to take a "test" after so we printed the practice test and they knew every answer!

What I like about it:
* It is written with the kids in mind.
* Great for my auditory learners!
* The video is engaging, and it keeps the attention of my very active boys.
* The price! It is affordable, and a great investment.

My boys are so proud of themselves now that they remember their multiplication tables. It has boosted their self esteem and they now feel they can do math too!

I just wish the developers of this wonderful product would do the same for other subjects (language arts for example). This is a product I will tell all my friends with young kids about!
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easy to use, engages the students, it's FUN!
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