Sponsor Spotlight – Alpha Omega


Alpha Omega Publishing is no stranger to the Hip Homeschool Moms community, and we are honored to add them to our “Hip Sponsors” team this month.


Let Alpha Omega Publications help you discover homeschooling success with innovative and time-tested homeschool curriculum such as Monarch, Switched-On Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, Horizons, and The Weaver Curriculum.



For more information about AO Publishing, please visit these helpful links:


Website: http://www.aophomeschooling.com

AOP Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aophomeschooling

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/homeschoolers

SOS: http://www.facebook.com/switchedonschoolhouse.homeschool

Monarch: http://www.facebook.com/monarch.homeschool

Horizons: http://www.facebook.com/horizons.homeschool

LIFEPAC: http://www.facebook.com/lifepac.homeschool

Weaver: http://www.facebook.com/theweavercurriculum

Daily Focus: http://www.facebook.com/dailyfocus.homeschooldevotional

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  1. I use both Lifepac and SOS for different subjects. I’ve tried many different curriculum for my sons and hands down the Alpha Omega products have proven to be the best, easiest, and most thorough ones I have found. I love setting up their work, correcting it, and helping them with their work, and they like to do it…so it wins in all aspects!

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