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Review of Light of Mine -“Towers of Light” Book 1

Before jumping into my review of Light of Mine, book one in Allen Brokken’s Towers of Light fantasy series, let me make a confession about my childhood reading habits.

As a kid, I’d read if I was told to read. And, of course, I’d always end up enjoying it. But the idea of reading, in theory, didn’t appeal to me; it seemed like work when I’d rather have been physically active!

Your child might be a natural reader or might prefer staying active. In any case, it’s often a challenge to find good books that will engage your child—that will encourage the hesitant reader and satisfy the voracious reader.

That’s why I really enjoyed this book and wanted to offer my honest review of Light of Mine. After all, if you want to homeschool successfully, you need great books!

Fortunately, somewhere along my adulthood journey, reading popped back up on my radar as something I’d do voluntarily. For enjoyment! Past-me would be blown away by current-me…

As a mama, as a believer, as a homeschooler, I’m acutely aware sometimes it just takes a little time. And sometimes it takes the right book (or book series).

Basic Review of Light of Mine

As I mentioned, Light of Mine is the first book in the Towers of Light series, a fantasy epic whose central focus is the Tower of Light a Father built, with his three young children in tow, Lauren (12), Aiden (9), Ethan (5).

The purpose of the Tower of Light was to keep The Darkness from spreading across the heathlands. The Dark One, remaining an ever-present threat to their peace and safety, is turning animals into monsters and good men into tools of Darkness. Those who are on the side of the light must choose to stand against the encroaching evil.

Review of Light of Mine - Light of Mine book and Answer Key

With Mother as the stable, tough, homeschooling mama to Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan, this family of five endures the ultimate test to their faith – Father, who’s joined the Mighty Mercenaries in an effort to keep The Darkness from advancing across their homeland, has gone missing.

And Mother goes to find him.

With the three young children left to protect themselves and their family farm, it’s a literal and figurative battle to keep The Darkness at bay, rely on God, and follow Father’s advice to always let their light shine.

What Drew Me into Light of Mine

Do you ever have a book show up to your house, see the cover, and just know it’s going to rock your socks? Light of Mine is that book.

The author, Allen Brokken, is a Christian father who wanted to provide his own babies with literary adventures that’d also point them back to their faith – and he delivered!

While this series is marketed toward tweens and teens, I sat down to read one chapter, in the lull of a post-church, lazy Sunday afternoon, to “get my feet wet.” In what felt like seconds, I had devoured another three chapters. I quickly learned the intended age range was merely a suggestion.

While yearning to know what happens next, all I could think was how badly I wanted to get this in the hands of our most-voracious reader, our ten-year-old daughter, Lily.

Throughout this book, through every hardship and every battle, was the theme of letting your light shine, especially by using the gifts God has given us, and from the strength only He provides. Readers are consistently pointed back to Our Maker. And that’s not something I think we ever outgrow.

Living in an age where parents are feeling like more is questionable—to say the least—than is safe, Light of Mine provides a constant reiteration of reading the Good Book, acting with integrity, and never giving up on the spiritual battle we fight.

Review of Light of Mine - child's finger pointing to image in book

He will always be there with us.

What I’d Change about the book

As a lover of the written word and in the interest of writing you a fair review of Light of Mine, I consulted the notes I took as I read, looking for anything I’d change or any grievances I could form against Mr. Brokken’s work.

Came up short, y’all.

I loved how his character descriptions and development felt organic to the story.

I love how the insertion of faith into this fantasy adventure didn’t feel forced or awkward.

I love his clear and concise writing style, which lent itself to a wildly vivid mental picture of each happening, each battle, each emotion.

Review of Light of Mine - Boy with smile pointing to study guide

As a fellow parent, from where I sit, I owe you a true and honest review—in the interest of helping you find quality literature appropriate for the still-maturing brains of our most important mission field, our babies.

This is it, friend. I’m handing the book to my kid as we speak.

Review of Light of Mine reviewer quote

A Book Battle Underway

As I was reading, my husband would ask how the story was going and how I was liking it. I still laugh to myself, thinking of the intended age range, because of how much I loved it! The updates I gave him were so emphatic and provoked so much curiosity as to the story’s direction, now he can’t wait to read it!

He’ll have to pry it from our daughter’s hands, though.

While that book battle is going down…

I think one of the most special aspects that I want to mention in this review of Light of Mine is how it felt evergreen. Here’s what I mean: as believers, we never outgrow the reminder to rely on our faith before all else. Every instance, every occurrence, the three children in the book would remind themselves of their parents’ words to go to God, to let their light shine as He intended.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Rating Review of Light of Mine

While personal story preference will vary, grammatically, story-wise, and biblical content considered, I give Light of Mine a 10/10.

I highly recommend!

And that is my honest review of Light of Mine.

As the first in a series of fantasy books for children, written from a Christian worldview, this book provides a terrific introduction to the imaginative world that author Allen Brokken created. It is engaging for young and older readers alike.

Review of Light of Mine - book next to study guide open to vocabulary page, with audio player next to it

The idea of this type of book being in the hands of kids far and wide, let alone my own, is something that brings me oodles of relief.

I know I’ve been entrusted, along with my husband, to faithfully guide our own four little miracles, and I’m so grateful for books like this that make such a high calling more attainable.

Review of Light of Mine reviewer quote

Where to Find Light of Mine

While the books can be purchased individually, if you go here, you can also get study guides for the Towers of Light series, and even an audio player, to go with them!

The study guides were designed with some brilliance! When we pulled them out of the box, my kids actually thought they were coloring books! Wisely and intentionally designed, these study guides inspire curiosity and a reiteration of what was gained in the day’s reading, rather than encouraging a sense of dread in regurgitating facts.

This is about the heart.

This is about personal growth.

This is about growing closer to The One who loves us most.

Review of Light of Mine - study guide

From a homeschooling standpoint, I wanted to offer this review of Light of Mine and the other books in the Towers of Light series with the observation that they can be utilized as an excellent source of language arts + critical thinking + biblical study. But (and I can’t reiterate this enough) it does so much more for the family.

It brings you together. It broaches topics that allow you to know your child more deeply. It dives more profoundly into who we are as people. And, as homeschoolers know, one of our main goals is to teach the total person—not leaving their hearts as a separate, less significant facet to their very being.

It’s their core.

And, with the conversations inspired by the reading and the study guides, Light of Mine offers a space where we, parents with gifts from God, can continue to grow alongside our children.

There’s nothing I’d rather bond through.

All this goodness considered, Allen Brokken made sure his biblical fantasy world was accessible in any situation; the audio player not only narrates all three books in his Tower of Light series, but it also narrates the Bible in various translations … and contains bonus content!

So, whether you lost your voice, have a new reader in the house, or want to include your young, not-yet-reading babies, the author made it possible for those in almost any circumstance to hear biblical truths, check in with their hearts, and enter a fantasy world without the worry of what they’ll be exposed to.

Review of Light of Mine - audio player and headphones

I think Mr. Brokken’s on his way to becoming a favorite author around here…

A Few Recommendations for the Reading Experience

As a homeschooling parent, you want your child to enjoy an immersive experience in whatever they’re learning and doing. When it comes to teaching literature, this is especially true for hesitant readers.

So, this review of Light of Mine would not be complete without a few suggestions of fun products that can enable you and your kids to have a more well-rounded learning experience.

A few products to support your literature classes and at-home reading spaces include:

  • Bookshelves
  • A booklight
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookends
  • A handy book tote

One last thing…

I hope this review of Light of Mine was helpful for you as a homeschooling parent.

This life isn’t easy. But there is content available that reinforces the values of a faith-based family and can serve to sharpen our proverbial iron. Our babies are worth that.

And, oh how their light will shine.

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