Raddish Review and Discount Code!

Raddish is a fun way to get your child from preschool through middle school involved in cooking and having fun in the kitchen! It’s also a great way to spend some time with your child while he or she has fun learning about everything from math to science to other cultures to home economics. It is designed by a team of teachers and chefs who believe the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn.

raddish review and discount code

How does it work? It’s a monthly subscription (or you can order individual kits/lessons) that comes with information for teaching four 45 to 90-minute lessons as part of your homeschool or just for fun! Keep reading to find out more, to see what comes in your kit, and to get a discount code you can use to save $10 on your first order!

What do you receive each month?

  • Three recipe cards.  Each laminated tri-fold card has a list of ingredients and tools, recipe directions, and tidbits of information about cooking and food.
  • A skill card.  The skill card teaches a basic cooking skill.  This month’s skill card is scooping, and included was a plastic scoop.  The card explains the parts of the tool used, its purpose, and how to complete the skill.
  • A family activity, with all the materials needed to complete the activity.  This month’s activity card was to create a lemonade stand, and included tips on preparing, serving, and running your lemonade stand business.  Also included were string and templates for creating a banner for the lemonade stand.
  • An iron-on patch to add to your Raddish Kids apron.
  • Table talk conversation starter questions to discuss with your kids.
  • A shopping list for each recipe.
  • Lesson plan for 4 hands-on and multi-subject integrated lessons that go along with the recipes and activity card.  The ideas on these lessons include links to websites that describe what is going on, ideas for younger and older children, and even printables for experiments.

How is Raddish Kids educational?

  1. It teaches following directions and a finished product.  The directions on the recipes cards are clear and concise, yet simple enough that even a small child can follow them.  I liked how it also included some simple text, so even my son could read the directions for himself.
  2. It promotes family time.  Spending time together as a family is a lost art. Raddish Kids brings the family together to complete an enjoyable, common task.
  3. It encourages discussions.  Between the table talk questions and the general discussions that you have while creating the recipes, Raddish Kids allows you the time to spend talking, listening, and growing together as a family.
  4. It teaches practical, real-life skills.  From basic cooking skills to doing experiments to building a business together, Raddish Kids teaches skills that every kid needs to know.

Sharra and her son, 5-year-old David, had a great time with their Raddish kit!

This summer, our family was introduced to Raddish—a cooking club for kids. We were delighted to receive the Order’s Up themed kit to review. It was a perfect theme for summer fun!


Raddish is a premium monthly subscription service which offers family-friendly culinary kits useful for recreational and educational purposes.


As soon as the kit arrived, our kids were eager to dive in. The Order’s Up kit included:
-3 colorfully illustrated recipe guides geared just for kids
-1 skill card introducing a culinary technique
-1 creative craft activity (lemonade banner)
-1 Table Talk card activity to encourage meaningful conversation over meals
-1 shopping list for each recipe guide
-1 patch to iron-on the Raddish apron (for membership subscribers)
-1 digital lesson (28 page pdf) for lesson planning, extended activities, and resource links.

Every piece of the Raddish kit just invited creative exploration! The materials are superb! The resources are printed on sturdy laminated cardstock. The durability factor is a huge plus for using them with sticky fingers! The illustrated pictures support literacy development. Little learners who are pre-readers gain confidence in following sequential steps of a recipe as they work with family to prepare recipes.

The kit included a variety of activities to expand the recipes beyond just a regular meal. Ideas and plans were included so that we could set up an entrepreneur food stand, learn about the history of food items, and understand the science behind food creation. The craft activity included was simply delightful!


We colored a lemonade banner (included in the kit) to use in a future lemonade stand. For the purpose of this review, we only completed a small portion of what is available through the kit. We can enjoy this kit all through the summer! I appreciated that this was not a kit that would be used once and then stored away.

Raddish provided us with such a delightful learning experience that created meaningful moments for our family. We shopped together, worked on recipes, discussed the history and science of food in the recipe, made future plans for a lemonade and snack stand, and truly enjoyed quality family time.

Leann and her son, 8-year-old Aikman, had this to say about their experience with Raddish:

My son is a budding entrepreneur.  In fact, for the past year, he’s pitched several different businesses.  One of his latest has been to create a lemonade stand.  To our delight, this actual idea is what Raddish encouraged for the family activity this month.

Together, we set out to create the snack shack sliders, ice cream parlor sandwiches, and homemade lemonade for his first stand.  Thanks to the grocery list, we were able to quickly gather our groceries.  We made a few adjustments to the recipe list and headed back home to begin cooking.

Raddish Aikman making sliders
Aikman making the sliders from the recipe card.

The recipe cards were easy to follow, and he easily set up and followed the directions on them.  Even with the substitution of store-bought cookies, rather than baking our own, he was able to easily figure out where he needed to change the directions to adjust to our situation.  We loved reading the “bites” of extra information on the cards as well!  Within a few hours time, all of the cooking was complete.

We then set up his stand in the front yard and patiently waited for our first customers.  Thanks to a quick phone call to Grandma’s house, we had our first customers within 30 minutes of opening!

Raddish Aiman and lemonade stand
Aikman and his lemonade stand featuring sliders and lemonade.

The result — a simple, yummy, kid-friendly food meal!  You can tell by the kids’ reactions just how much they enjoyed all of the treats!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Raddish Kids box.  It has definitely spurred my son into wanting to explore cooking more, while I love that we get to enjoy lots of quality time side-by-side together.

Raddish customers
A happy customer!

Wendy’s 12-year-old daughter, Mary Grace, enjoyed using this kit on her own with just a bit of supervision:

My daughter really enjoyed this kit! Although she wasn’t thrilled about helping with the grocery shopping, she truly loved using these recipes and creating her salad and her ice cream sandwiches as directed in the kit. At her age, she wanted to read and follow the recipes on her own, but she enjoyed having me in the kitchen with her to chat, give advice as needed, and wash the dishes as she cooked!

Raddish salad edited

Here she is with the salad she was in the process of making. To make the salad, she had to wash and chop the lettuce, peel and chop a cucumber, cook and chop a chicken breast (instead of using the salami that was suggested in the recipe), and make the salad dressing.

After finishing her salad and putting it in the refrigerator to wait until dinner, she made her cookies to use for ice cream sandwiches. Again, she followed the instructions and made her cookies without help. The only problem we had with this had to do with the fact that our family is gluten free. There’s a special part of the website that suggests substitutions for situations like this or for families that are dairy free or who have other dietary restrictions.

On the site, it simply suggested that we substitute gluten free flour for the regular flour that the recipe called for. The problem was that, when you use gluten free flour, it is sometimes necessary to adjust other parts of the recipe (such as the amount of liquid or the amount of “binder” that you use since gluten helps bind baked goods together and keep them from crumbling or falling apart). Because no other substitutions were suggested, we assumed that the recipe worked well with GF flour, but it didn’t. The cookies all ran together and were very thin and crumbly.

Raddish cookies edited

Thankfully, we’ve been gluten free for a long time, so we cleaned up and carried on! We found our favorite GF chocolate chip cookie recipe and made another batch of GF cookies that worked very well for this recipe!

This batch of cookies turned out very well and worked perfectly for the ice cream sandwiches! In fact, it was really hard to put them in the freezer for after dinner instead of eating them right that moment! We each ate just a few cookies before making the ice cream sandwiches. Then we obediently put the ice cream sandwiches in the deep freezer (because we like ours frozen really solid) so they’d be perfect for after dinner…and they were!

Raddish ice cream sandwiches edited

How to get it:

As a special bonus just for Hip Homeschool Moms readers, Raddish is offering $10 off a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription! Just use the discount code DELICIOUSCURRICULUM when you order! Simply go to the Raddish site to find out all the details and to place an order.

If you have children from preschool to middle school, Raddish is a great way to spend some time together in the kitchen cooking, learning, and enjoying each other’s company! 

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