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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?


Whether you homeschool or not, there are going to be days when you feel overwhelmed.  We tend to keep ourselves busy with everything from housework to kid’s programs to church meetings to hobbies.  I you’re like me, you have a never ending to-do list when you wake up each morning.

But sometimes the overwhelmed days can turn into depression, despair and anxiety.  The feeling of hopelessness can quickly take over and before you know it you’re moody and crying (or is that just me?).

1. Be on guard!  Nothing stops being overwhelmed and depression like guarding against it in the first place.  What’s the saying?  Prevention is the best medicine?  When you feel that sense of it becoming too much, just say no.  Trust your instincts!

2. Don’t explain!  You don’t have o explain to anyone why you are not joining their club or church committee.  If you and your spouse think it’s not the right thing for you to take on, then just kindly say no and don’t try to explain.  It makes people think you are open to changing your mind if they can fix whatever your reason is.

3. Pray for others!  Nothing beats feeling overwhelmed like getting your mind off of yourself and onto others.  I keep a list in my phone of people I am praying for and whenever I feel a lot of pressure about my own life I stop and pray for someone on that list.  It relieves a world of stress.

4.  Take Care of Yourself!  Don’t allow stress and hopelessness convince you that you are better off if you skip a day of exercise or eating well.  Taking care of yourself is crucial when you’re feeling low.

I have three more tips for those overwhelmed times on YouTube and I hope you’ll check those out.

Have you felt overwhelmed lately?

from the owners of Hip Homeschool Moms:

Lisa Pennington wrote a wonderful book that actually might help you with feeling overwhelmed, Mama Needs a Do-over. Check it out below! I read the book and loved it!!

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