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My kids love all of their products and so do I. They are easy to use, have beautiful pictures, and tell the truth about history from His Story. This would be great to do in an election year, like now. But we did it last year. However, doing it and also studying the constitution too just before the election cycle started, my kids have really gotten a lot out of our discussions about this election. They can both speak intelligently about what's right and wrong about what politicians say and do or don't say and don't do. It's been fun to watch them be so frustrated with the candidates and the fact that they aren't old enough to vote yet. Thank you Notgrass and Uncle Sam and You for giving my kids a love for our country and a desire to see the right candidate become our next president. My kids can't get enough of your history books. Please keep writing more. I am hoping Geography is still in the plans for the very near future!

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  • 4
  • 8
Great product! Goes well with a study of the constitution too.
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Yes, without a doubt!
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