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Last month we took a short road trip to see my cousin, her husband, and their newborn twin boys. When I was putting something in her refrigerator I noticed a printout with their “List of Truths.” I asked her about it, and she said her husband thought that with the newborns they needed to make this list and have it posted for a reminder. I thought this was such a good idea because as a parent you get so much unsolicited advice and I am sure it’s double with twins. I thought about all the “extra” and unsolicited advice we have received about adopting and then homeschooling. Oh the humanity! Oh the controversy!


The following week while having a picnic lunch with some other homeschool moms and their kids, we had a conversation about having a family mission statement for why we homeschool. One of the moms told me that before they created a mission statement for their family she felt that she was always second guessing herself. She was always asking herself if she should be teaching her children the way other people were. So basically all of those worries were holding her back, and she lost her focus for why they homeschool at all. She said that once they had a family mission statement things were more focused for them.

I have now brought this up with several other homeschool moms and it seems that some things are universal. Families want so badly to do right by their kids by keeping them home and educating them, but then worry creeps in and the world whispers that you might be doing something wrong. Later in the week I was reading a Sally Clarkson book, and she mentioned another of her books, “Our 24 Family Ways” that has family devotions that go through 24 biblical truths. On several other blogs I have seen people talking about the new year and their 2012 family goals. I can’t seem to get away from this theme over the past couple of weeks. My husband and I have had clear and defined beliefs for our marriage, children, and homeschool for a long time. This makes it much easier for us to just smile and nod when people feel the need to tell us how we should be doing things. We know why we do what we do and how we want to raise and educate our children. We are willing to ask for advice from those whom we trust and who have been a good example with their children.


So I think it’s a great idea if you are worried or finding yourself swayed by what others are doing that you should make a “List of Truths” for your family. Type it up, print it out, and stick it on your refrigerator.

Here are some homeschool examples:

  • It doesn’t matter what my parents/family/friends say about our decision to homeschool.
  • My kids don’t need to be socialized by other 6 year olds to grow into healthy adults.
  • No one knows our kids better than we do.
  • Homeschooling gives us the freedom to teach based on our child’s needs.
  • No one can give my kids the one on one attention that we can.
  • We can make school happen anywhere; no need to be tied to a desk.

Ultimately your list of truths should cover the most important areas of your family life. Each family is unique, and there are so many directions that your list of truths could go. Take a little time to look at where your family is and where you want to go. Then be at peace and move forward without beating yourself up about the past.

What truths do you need to be reminded of today?

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  1. Love it! Positive reinforcement to fight against the deluge of opinions that hold no truth. Facts vs Opinion. Truth vs Lies. I just love it!

  2. This is a great idea. I know that so many people feel like they have the right comment on our decision to homeschool. It, at times has been all I could do to keep my mouth hushed, and then I still had to go home and put a band-aid on my tongue. From biting it so bad! Those little things do creep in to your thoughts of trying to rear your kids and do a good job.
    Also, you put your play-dough in a tote and then play on the lid, Awesome! Play dough is my enemy, that I love!

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