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I bought this from Educents since it was free shipping for all three sets for my kids ages 4, 6, and 7 years old with the intent to work with my two eldest kids and reuse it when my five year old gets a bit older. This is by far the best reading book I've ever purchased for my kids and because Fred's stories are relatable, my kids are engaged in the story. They talk about his adventures with his doll Kingie as they solve problems you would encounter in real life and as I read along with them, I nod in agreement like, "yeah, this can happen."

The real value is that the next book has references from the previous so it's not just one book and you're done which gets my kids to keep reading for the next book.

I would highly recommend homeschooling parents to use the Life of Fred series with other worksheets they can find online or homeschool curriculums. I use some reading comprehension activity worksheets with my kids to do some reading analysis per book and make an effort to ask what Fred is up to currently instead of asking how much they've read that day. Homeschooling tip: let them read it to you to work on their speech!

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Well made hardcover, fun stories that are relatable, builds the story from the previous book
Best if used with other reading worksheets
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