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All it takes is reading one story a day to or with a child to promote literacy, creativity, strengthen the family and to have fun with children, which is the mission of Knowonder.

Knowonder founder, Phillip Chipping, knows the value of reading to children daily, which he experienced as a child with his parents and grandpa. It is because of memories like those that motivated him to create the “Story-A-Day” initiative.

Knowonder The Lonely Dragon The “Story-A-Day” initiative encourages reading aloud one story a day to achieve the Knowonder mission. To make this an easier task, Knowonder has created a series of volumes of easy to read, original stories to promote the initiative. Currently, there are four volumes in the series and we had the opportunity to review volumes one, featuring The Lonely Dragon, and two, featuring The White Sail.

Each volume contains at least 30 short and entertaining read-a-loud stories that are geared towards children between the ages of three and 12. The volumes are printed in a two-column format and are purposely absent of pictures with the exception of one lead picture at the beginning of each story. The two-column format makes reading the stories easier for struggling readers, aiding in better tracking, because the paragraphs are grouped in segments rather than running lines. The picture less stories require the listener to depend more on his imagination for story development.

Knowonder The White Sail At the end of each story, there are a series of questions that allows you to assess the child’s comprehension, but the series is less about testing and more about enjoying reading time together. So, the questions can be more for continued discussion, which just promotes more time spent together.

Chipping hopes that the “Story-A-Day” initiative will continue to grow well past his lifetime while promoting literacy along the way. Each month, a new print copy is published offering 30 new stories for you to read-a-loud together. The authors are people just like you and me. If you have a story to tell, then your story could be considered for the next volume for which submissions are currently being accepted. Learn more about submitting a story.

Would you like to read the first volume for free? Knowonder is offering you a digital copy of its first volume, The Lonely Dragon, so that you can snuggle together with your child and read-a-loud one (or two or more) story together each day.

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  1. I was so happy to see this review! I love reading to my kids, but sometimes have trouble with chapter books because we get busy and miss a day or more and have to back-track. I have always enjoyed short stories and find that even my older kids enjoy the simple stories that I read to the younger kids! Short-story books are fun and provide more opportunities for something that each kid will love. I just signed up and downloaded my copy of the free digital edition of volume 1. We are going to try these this week! Thanks for letting us know about this resource.

  2. It’s me again! I don’t know about you, but I like it when folks leave comments after they have tried new things so I can get a sense for how they liked it. Tought I would do that…we downloaded the free book and started reading it and even my big kids loved it! They actually enjoyed answering the questions after the stories and even started asking each other (and me!) questions of their own. I will be trying out other “knowonder” books for sure.

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