Trail Guide to World Geography

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Trail Guide World Geography

Bon Voyage! Take a vacation around the world with Trail Guide to World Geography. Three different 'trails' allow for three years worth of use, or for three different students to simultaneously use the same curriculum; trails are divided into 2-4th grade, 5-7th grade and 8th-highschool. Geography Trail Features include five minute drills that use an atlas, almanac or critical thinking and analysis skills on the part of the student; Points of Interest contains a variety of mapping, research and other projects for students to choose from, and "Geography through Literature" follows Phileas Fogg in "Around the World in 80 Days." Systematically moving around the world, there's something here for everyone, whether you're looking for a few warm up drills or a thorough, in-depth geography course. Reproducibles and answers included. 127 pages, softcover.

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