Election Related Printables and Ideas

This week we’re featuring printables and activities related to elections–specifically the upcoming presidential election. It can be hard for children to understand the election process, so we hope these printables and activities help you teach your students about the process in a fun way! If you’re looking for other freebie topics, click here to find others that might interest you. We may also have some freebies that aren’t related to today’s topic. Just scroll all the way down to look for them.

HHM Election Related Printables

election Presidential Election Texting Activity
This is a FREE 1-page activity that will have your students  send a text to persuade someone to support a certain candidate during the United States presidential election.
Donald-Trump Donald Trump Coloring Page and Word Cloud Activity {FREE!}
Incorporate the 2016 election into your lesson with this fun Donald Trump Coloring Page and Word Cloud Activity. A Hillary Clinton version is also available as a free download!
cover_clinton Hillary Clinton Coloring Page and Word Cloud Activity {FREE!}
Incorporate the 2016 election into your lesson with this fun Hillary Clinton Coloring Page and Word Cloud Activity. A Donald Trump version is also available as a free download!
You-Will-Know-them-by-their-fruit-leadership-study Choosing Biblical Leaders
You Will Know Them by Their Fruit includes suggested readings from Matthew, Galatians, and verses throughout the Bible about what biblical leadership looks like and how biblical leaders should act.
cover2 Elections: Propaganda in Politics {Freebie!}
This freebie allows you to easily incorporate a local, state, or national election into your lesson.
election-vocabulary-bingo Election Vocabulary Bingo
Play election vocabulary bingo to help learn all the vocabulary associated with this year’s presidential election. Four free printable boards are included and vocabulary definition cards too.
Rebus-Cover-with-pic-snip PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION PROCESS {a simple way to teach a complicated process}
{a simple way to teach a complicated process}Included in this FREEbie is a REBUS that explains the Presidential Election Process in the most simple terms.This REBUS uses simple words with pictures to describe the process. A one page assessment is included as well.
Retail value: $2.50
hs-plan-optin1 Homeschool Schedule Printable
Take a look at this beautiful freebie. It is a free printable schedule for homeschooling moms. It is great!
farm-dot-coloring Farm Dot Letter Coloring Printable
This is a lovely dot letter coloring activity for preschoolers that is farm-themed.
gratitude Gratitude Journal Printable
Moms will really appreciate this freebie. It is especially made to encourage moms to stay positive and focus on the good in their lives.
13913566_10210189320798099_6452914155418310157_o Print and Cursive Sight Word Printables
Why teach children print to only have to go back and teach cursive afterwards? With these printables the children can become familiar with what each letter of the alphabet looks like in print and cursive, avoid confusion later!This is a preview of a big set I am working on. I am offering this free, but would REALLY appreciate some good feedback. So please download, use, and review this product! Thank you!

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