Easy Ways to Honor the Elderly on Holidays

Let’s all make an effort to be sure our elderly family and friends know how much they are loved this holiday season! Christmas and other holidays can be difficult for the elderly, especially if they’ve lost friends, children or a spouse. Add to that illness, hearing loss, or being shut-in, and you have a recipe for loneliness…even when you’re surrounded with people. The good news is, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or even effort to show we care! Here are some easy ways to honor the elderly on holidays.

Honor the Elderly on Holidays


Easy Ways to Honor the Elderly on Holidays

  • Take them shopping. In addition to the fact that they may not be able to drive, the elderly don’t often keep up with the latest trends. “Justin Bieb-a-who?” Having someone younger help pick gifts for grand kids is helpful.


  • Offer them a ride to a family gathering. Time in the car with just you or your family to talk and catch up could be cherished time indeed!  The fact that you thought about them before the family gathering will mean even more.


  • Sit with them. Big gatherings can be a blur for the elderly due to so many people walking around and talking at the same time.  Take a moment, sit with them, hold their hand. Let them know you care.


  • Invite them over for dinner. Better yet, take dinner (and your family) to them. Especially if your family doesn’t have family gatherings, be sure to set aside an evening for your special someone.


  • Mail them a card. If you’re too far away to visit, be sure to send a heartfelt card. Write a note of encouragement and have each child sign their own name – that means more than you signing “and family.”


  • Give them a ring. Call your elderly loved one! Ask them what’s new. Listen to those stories you’ve heard 100 times already.  You’ll miss it when they’re not there to tell them one more time.


  • Have the kids make them a little gift. Whose heart doesn’t melt over toddler creations covered in glue and glitter? Make cards, ornaments, drawings…whatever will light up their day.


As I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, the most important thing is to give of yourself.  Your time, thought, and attention.  They’ve lived a lifetime.  They know what’s really important…family.

What are some ways you honor your elderly loved ones?

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  1. So true Cheryl and these matriarchs and patriarchs of our families are gone way too quickly! Great reminder for us to be focused on our families and not things!

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