DEAL ALERT: National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia – 40% off!

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia – 40% off!
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Hey, why is that funny-looking monkey on TV hanging upside down? Is that fuzzy, chubby guy in the back yard a woodchuck or a groundhog? Now you can find answers to these and hundreds more questions and curiosities right at your fingertips! Featuring 2,500 species and packed with stunning color photographs, amazing animal facts, maps, and more, the new National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive on the market today, amazing and entertaining readers, while providing them with authoritative information about the animal kingdom. Kids love to look at animals and this book showcases more than 1,000 gorgeous color photographs as only National Geographic–the leader in wildlife photography–can. Thematic spreads take readers through animal homes and habitats, senses and communication, life cycle and babies, movement and migration, defenses, camouflage, and adaptation, and endangered animals and conservation. Special features in each section include ANIMAL PROFILES spreads that focus in-depth on a particular animal and ANIMAL RECORDS spreads that highlight superlatives such as fastest, tallest, smallest, etc. Exclusive FROM-THE-FIELD reports, that focus on National Geographic explorers and their stories about the animals they study, can only be found in this animal encyclopedia, adding to its entertainment and educational value.

Animals are organized by taxonomy within each section (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates), accompanied by common and scientific name, fact boxes (featuring lifespan, habitat, and size) and text describing diet, special features, and any other pertinent information. Symbols representing conservation and habitat status highlight a high-interest topic for kids, while color-coding on each section provides for ease of navigation. Backmatter will include a listing of animal species along with basic information including name (scientific and common), lifespan, diet, size, and habitat. A comprehensive glossary, index, and “find out more” section round out this must-have resource.

No less than 2,500 animals are included in this oversize encyclopedic reference. The organization reinforces lessons learned in science class, as it is separated into vertebrate and invertebrate animals and then further subdivided by phylum. Each species gets its own page with dynamic color photos of creatures in their natural habitat, while authoritative information on variations within the species celebrates the diversity of animals across the globe. Biologist and author Spelman establishes an undertone of conservation and utilizes a rating scale for the endangered status of all species included. Range maps are pervasive and attention grabbing, while the records section for each phylum includes superlatives that are always favorites with readers, such as the world’s most toxic frog, highest-flying bird, and longest-living animal. Back matter includes a color-coded and keyed list of all mentioned species. As expected with any National Geographic title, science and geography are in perfect balance to create a strong interdisciplinary resource. Grades 4-7.

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