DEAL ALERT: Molecular Model Kit – 43% off!

Molecular Model Kit – 43% off!
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This molecular model student set will enable you to build virtually organic and inorganic molecules. It provides hands-on activity for students and visually displays chemistry molecules to them. That makes chemistry teaching in class and science learning in labs more interesting!

Contains 86 atoms of 12 different chemistry elements, 153 bonds for flexible single, double or triple links and a molecular tool for easy installation.

Enable users to build virtually simple and complex organic and inorganic molecules; Perfect educational models for organic and inorganic chemistry teaching in class and advanced science learning in labs.It is also can be placed on the office desk and home table for decoration

Provides students a visual, hands-on experience for learning chemistry functional groups and molecular structures; More vivid and interesting!

The durable, high quality plastic atoms are color coded to universal standards and Instructions are included to easily identify all of the atoms and bonds in the box.

Easy to connect and disconnect, lightweight and portable. A durable box with four compartments included for convenient storage!

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