DEAL ALERT: Escaping Gardenia (The Gemstone Dragons Book 1) FREE Today!

Escaping Gardenia (The Gemstone Dragons Book 1) FREE Today!
Number of stars: None out of 5.

From a war torn country, Ivy, a bakers daughter scouts out a path towards the only hope her village has for a future. Along the way Ivy learns about magic, finds a baby dragon and makes a new friend.

A young prince, with no ambition for the crown, trains to be a gamekeeper. When he joins his father’s soldiers at the border, his only intent is to help as many people find safety as he can. When he finds a friend, its unexpected. When magic awakens in them both, and a baby dragon hatches in their care he knows he needs to come clean about who he is.

He isn’t the only one with secrets. Ivy’s got plenty of her own.

Can they get Ivy’s village to safety and learn to trust each other? Or will their secrets destroy their friendship forever?

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