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A Christmas Journal: 25 Days of Creative Writing for the Christmas Season

With the frenzy of Christmas fast approaching, many of us homeschool moms feel the pressure of PERFECTION.  Not only do we feel the urgency of preparing our homes for holiday gatherings and orchestrating meaningful family traditions, but we ALSO have the added duty of on-going lesson planning and school instruction.

But there are some educational things you can do with your children that keep learning happening and make it fun. These fun creative writing prompts are a great way to do just that! And to make them even more fun to use, we’ve turned them into a set of simple but beautiful journaling pages. They are a wonderful way to have some educational fun this December. (Take a look at the GRAB YOURS HERE information at the bottom of the post.)

Christmas Creative Writing Journal


While some moms march with normal homeschool cadence during the Christmas season, I much prefer to allow Christmas with all of its unequaled flurry to be a welcomed diversion from FORMAL instruction.  During most of the month of December, we pack the school books away, say goodbye to our well-ordered routine, and welcome REST.

BUT, just because our school has been packed away doesn’t mean that learning has to come to a halt.  On the contrary, there is much to be learned during this singular season.  Our learning just comes in different form.

While I allow the adventures of Christmas and Christmas traditions to be the bulk of our school time during December, I’m also intentional to provide a few unique learning opportunities…ones which will stretch not only our minds, but also our hearts.

One such pursuit that I hope to introduce this year during our Christmas REST is a Christmas Journal.  I have purchased small, inexpensive journals for each of my children.  On December 1st, I will present these journals to them along with permission to peruse my Christmas stash of gift wrap and scrapbooking supplies.

After they have decorated their journals using my embarrassingly large hoard of crafting supplies, I will encourage them to write one entry in their Christmas journals. These will be safely tucked away each day, perhaps under the Christmas tree, and retrieved each morning for another entry.  I hope these daily writing endeavors will become a much-anticipated part of the season and that my children will appreciate the mental REST that comes from Christmas-schooling.

Although I will welcome my kids to write ANY Christmas-y thoughts in their journals, I think they will also enjoy counting down to Christmas using these suggestions for topics for creative writing for the Christmas season.

Here are a few of the writing prompts that are included. To get all 25 prompts in our set of beautiful journaling pages, see “Grab Yours Here” below.

  1. Oh no!  You’re late for a friend’s annual Christmas party.  What kept you from getting to the party on time?  Write three silly reasons for being late to your pal’s party.
  2. The Wise Men followed a star to find the Christ-child. Write about three different adventures they had along the way.
  3. You receive a Christmas card from your favorite person.  Who is it from and what does it say?
  4. Today is National Letter Writing Day.  Write a letter to Baby Jesus telling Him why you like celebrating His birthday.
  5. Imagine that the snowman you made in the front yard has come to life.  He begins running down your street.  Where is he going and what is he planning to do?
  6. Luke chapter 2 tells the story of Christ’s birth.  Read the chapter and then retell the story in your own words.
  7. There is a tall, pole-shaped gift under the Christmas tree with your name on it.  You eagerly open it up to find a…
  8. Ooops, this morning you accidentally fed the dog a box of Christmas cookies instead of dog food.  It has caused some weird changes in your pet.  What has happened and how will you fix it?


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Do you have suggestions for other Christmas Journal Creative Writing topics? We would love to hear them!

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Jamie E

Formerly an elementary school teacher, Jamie left the school desk to bring the learning home in 2006. She is the doting wife to “Mr. Right” and blessed momma of five gifts. After some simple trial-and-error, she found herself homeschooling with an eclectic, Charlotte Mason-esque approach. Somewhere between diapers and division flashcards, she finds time to write and speak about parenting, organization, and homeschooling.


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