Champion Preparatory Academy Giveaway {Closed}

It’s April and we know the books are not closed yet for this school year, and you’re already making plans for 2012-2013. An important part of homeschooling is evaluating each year as it comes to a close. What worked? What didn’t? What has changed in your lives, your children’s lives, or your family as a whole? Keeping yourself flexible in your approach as the needs of your family changes is a key component to creating a happy homeschool year for all.

Champion Preparatory Academy has been serving families since 1995. It is one of the premier fully accredited college preparatory diploma schools in the United States. Champion has been fully accredited since 1997 by the National Private School Alliance. CPA provides distance education, homeschool, and on-campus programs to meet the needs of the growing number of families pursuing innovative, non-traditional educational programs.

There has to be flexibility to reach your goals through homeschooling. No one offers that like Champion Preparatory Academy. Use our Online Academy, which offers a fully accredited web-based learning environment featuring a media-rich, online curriculum for grades K-12. Offering from remedial to AP courses. Or, choose to use your own curriculum. Let us keep the records. Let us provide the testing. Let us support and provide guidance for your journey. We work with each family on an individual basis to make sure the program fits the needs of your child.

With year-round enrollment and fully accredited programs that serve students nationwide, we can provide you with the flexibility, quality, and right tools to offer your child a professionally designed curriculum and to help you build a strong, solid, educational foundation to meet the educational goals of every child. From Kindergarten to the Highschool Diploma from a Private School. You work with your child to achieve  a Standard Career Diploma, Accelerated Diploma, Standard Diploma, or Scholar Diploma.

Champion Preparatory Academy Giveaway

Champion Preparatory Academy is so excited to be offering over $800 of Give Aways to Hip Homeschool Moms!

Give Away #1 – Free One-Year Membership K-11 to CPA Homeschool Academy (a $225.00 -$275.00 value) – This comes with Record keeping and guidance as well.

Give Away #2 – Free One-Year Membership to our Online Academy ($525.00 value) – Compass Learning Odyssey K-6 or Apex Learning.

Not to let anyone get left out! We are offering a $25.00 per student discount for ALL Hip Homeschool Moms on any Champion Programs. To take advantage of this discount, just mention HHM in the box for the name of the referral source when you request information.

If you have any questions please just hit the new Facebook Page! We are happy to answer.

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    1. Michelle, I have been w/Champion for 13 years! In Highschool it is was so important to me that my daughter graduate with a full on Private School Diploma. All the Guidance, Support during homeschooling a highschooler is huge. I work with Champion because I believe in it so much. Come see us!

  1. I have been looking into a school that will keep records, but allow us to pursue the course of study that works for our family. CPA academy looks perfect and for a great price! Thanks for featuring them.

    1. It can’t get any easier Miss Moe! I had to have flexibility with our time, our money, and our choice of curriculum. And I only have one child! 🙂 Champion’s Online forms are so simple and easily filled out. Making transcripts simple when it comes time for that.

  2. Since my husband’s job now requires him to relocate regularly, I have spent several days reviewing the many schools and options. After much thought we have concluded that the online academy through Champion Preparatory Academy would be best for our daughter. The various academic options, support, the ability for our child to accel, accreditation and the cost are all appealing aspects of the academy that makes it stand out among others.

  3. After much trial and error, I have discovered that my youngest son embraces online learning because it gives him a level of confidence and ownership over his education. The online program would be wonderful for him.

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