Bella with Her Babies

It’s spring, well almost! And I’m so ready for the warm weather and the hummingbirds!! Here is a precious little hummingbird, Bella and she is sitting on her nest and you can see her baby hummingbirds!

Little Bella the hummingbird has been nesting in the branches of a ficus tree in La Verne, California since at least 2005. Diligently raising up to four to five broods every year, in a nest the about size of half a golf ball. Each of her precious eggs are slightly bigger than a Tic Tac. After about two and a half weeks, the eggs hatch and the tiny little chicks will begin exploring the world. Bella protects her babies and feeds them a diet of insects and nectar. The babies fledge 21-25 days from hatch and are ready to discover the joys of flight. Join the Explore.org loyal community of viewers in watching this patient mother throughout her breeding season.

What an amazing way to study birds by using all the available live cams to help us actually see them in their natural habitats. Technology really has afforded us some amazing opportunities to study wildlife! We will continue to bring you other amazing live cams. If you are interested in seeing see all the other live cams in this series, click here.

Were your kiddos surprised to see the babies? What did they say about them? Isn’t it fun to learn right along side of our children? What a wonderful way to learn about flying creatures!! To complement this study, don’t forget to check out our Bird Notebook Pages. They are on sale right now! And we have one specifically for hummingbirds!!
Bird Notebook Pages

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